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    Did I buy a 2020 Specialized Turbo Levo?

    You can go on Specialized website and compare the technical specs between the 2019 and 2020. There are changes including the dropper seatpost, but only you can decide if the changes are worth the cost to upgrade for you.
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    Did I buy a 2020 Specialized Turbo Levo?

    Assuming you bought a US model, it looks to me like the 2020 comes in Navy/White or Black/Lilac. The 2019 came in Black/Blue or Hyper/Black. What color did you get?
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    Do you need an optical gear display in your shifter?

    That is why most of us downshift as we are approaching a stop sign
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    Disappointed with Rad City Attitude

    You are being very unreasonable to expect them to honor Cyber Monday sale price 3 weeks down the road. I'm also quite sure that "everyone else" is NOT still maintaining their Black Friday & Cyber Monday sale prices.
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    Thrown back into indecision!

    I sure do love my belt drive with internal gears. I imagine there has been a broken belt or two somewhere, but I have not actually heard of one. I am aware of a belt drive that has gone over 20,000 miles with no problems. I doubt you would have any regrets if you bought the belt drive.
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    Good luck with your venture however, I think you have a ways to go before you have an "R&M Killer" on your hands!
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    Fat tire bike rack wanted

    I'm not selling one. When I replied, I did not realize that you were looking for a used one. Good luck in your search.
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    Fat tire bike rack wanted

    Curious as to why you don't consider the 1UP USA rack?
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    Heavy fat tire ebike hitch rack for step thru bike I second the 1Up USA rack. I had their regular rack rated for 50 lbs per bike for the last 5 years and loved it. I recently sold my 1st rack and purchased their Super Duty model which is rated for 75 lbs per bike and love it. You can load a bike in 1-2 minutes and...
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    BMC Alpenchallenge AMP Road One

    Wow! I wished I had known this before I bought my class 1.
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    Riese & Müller Over kill ?

    You don't have to spend $7,000. I just paid $4,779 for an R&M Nevo GH delivered to my door. Most other similar bikes were $3,500 or so and very, very few had the Enviolo/Nuvinci hub and belt drive which I am very happy with. The hub and belt drive were well worth the extra $1,000 - $1,300 to...
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    Trek Allant+ 8S -2020 Model - Amazing style and value at $4299

    Are they all just women's designs though? The new politically correct name for that frame is STEP THROUGH or LOW STEP. It is for women and old men who have nothing left to prove to anyone anymore!
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    Trek Allant+ 8S -2020 Model - Amazing style and value at $4299

    Add a nice rear rack, suspension fork, Gates belt drive, and a good IGH hub and then you would have an amazing value at $4299. My R&M Nevo GH has all that and more and it only cost $400 more so I'm sure it could be done.
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    What's a fair price for a used Vado 2.0

    The more you comment, the less sense you make.
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    E bike Cover For Highway Travel

    I would be more concerned on a motorcycle than bicycle. The width of the gas tank on motorcycles is prrobablly 15" - 24". The width of the cross bar and down tube on a bicycle is more like 2"-3". On my bicycle, the width of the handlebars and pedals will keep the cover from touching any...