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    Denied Velosurance

    Thanks for your response. You’re right, I misspoke Velosurance’s policy. Yes, 20mph limit on throttle alone. I have a Civi Cheetah. It’s my first electric bike. The Civi Bike website says it is Class 3. EBR did specify in its review that in specific configurations, it could be considered a moped.
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    Denied Velosurance

    Thanks Dewey. I am actually a homeowner, so I'll check in with my insurance company. I was assuming since my Cheetah has a motor they wouldn't cover it. I will definitely double check though.
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    Denied Velosurance

    Hi all! so I just tried to Insurance my new Civi Cheetah with Velosurance. It’s a class 3 e-bike and can go up to 28mph with the throttle alone. Apparently Velosurance won’t insure e-bikes that go passed 20mph. Anybody have any recommendations for companies that will insure class 3 e-bikes...
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    Civi Cheetah

    Hi guys! I’m new to the group, and electric bikes really. Do any of you have the Civi Cheetah? I’d really like to hear everyone’s experiences and impressions. I’ve seen a few you YouTube videos and it seems great Thanks!