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    Limited Edition Aurora

    I was hoping to see a bit further - I've got another bike now and am looking at the ALE, but the battery is a bit small for me and no speed increase (my current big heavy hub drive bike will take me 25-30 miles at 25mph, and I've got 100lbs+ on you weightwise). Still, the low maintenance and...
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    New Favorite Tire - Schwalbe Hurricane

    I guess I'll be using the Hurricanes then :) I figure they're newer anyways, so they've probably incorporated even more learnings into them. Luckily I can just send the Moto Xs back - you should be able to sell them pretty quick on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist though if you need to get rid...
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    New Favorite Tire - Schwalbe Hurricane

    Did you get them installed? I've actually got Moto X's and Hurricanes both on the way right now for my Blade 2.0 (Ordered them both when they had nebulous lead times) and I'm trying to figure out what to install. I'm leaning Hurricanes even though I'm like 80% pavement just because they seem to...
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    FLX Blade 2.0

    Yeah that bolt got me yesterday :( It was fine for the last couple weeks, but then yesterday it just decided to make a leap for it and ground me to a halt as I was leaving the parking lot of my apartment complex.
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    FLX Blade 2.0

    I've been loving mine! It's definitely quite powerful, but given my size its just about perfect :) It rides honestly even smoother than my cruiser ebike with fat tires and a suspension fork. The saddle (even the 'comfort' one in the touring package) is quite hard though, I'm replacing that this...
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    FLX Blade 2.0

    Such a freaking pretty bike, can't wait to get on mine. Have you gotten on it yet? How's the overall feel in terms of riding position and whatnot?
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    Elux Tahoe GT

    I've got the Elux Tahoe Sport which was the predecessor to this one with pretty much the same specs. I really enjoy it, its a very powerful little bike. Okay not little, the thing is freaking MASSIVE. There were only like 2 bike racks on the market that could fit it, and it weighs about 4 tons...
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    Acceleration Rate vs. Battery Voltage

    Yep, this is pretty common with lithium ion batteries. My bike has PAS levels 1-5, and power levels 1-3. Luckily this means I can compensate when things get low. If I ride outbound at power level 1 or 2 (and say PAS 3) and I want the same effect coming back on the last half of the battery then...
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    Converting a rad rover to class 1

    Doublecheck your local laws. Many places have basically a wide open clause for mobility devices, which includes ebikes. It requires nothing other than your doctor telling you one time that you 'should exercise' and that an bike might be a good idea. No prescription or anything.
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    FLX Blade 2.0

    It shouldn't be an issue - the tolerances are usually much higher than advertised. Also see the previous links in this thread, the worst that'll happen is some easy to replace pieces strip and it takes an hour for your local bike shop to fix.
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    Don't need my bell anymore.

    Someone should make an electronic cougher. Press a button and get a loud, hacky cough.
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    Real Range? What can you get from a charge?

    My bike fits your description pretty well - It's a 750w/1000w peak geared rear hub motor with a 48A/20AH battery. The bike itself with battery weighs over 80lbs, and it has big fat tires (I keep them very highly inflated to reduce rolling resistance, but its still more effort than a regular bike...
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    FLX Blade 2.0

    I think someone mentioned this further upthread, but the Rohloff has nylon pins that will strip if too much force is applied before causing any serious damage to the hub. See: Specifically according to the article: The Rohloff has...
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    FLX Blade 2.0

    Someone on the Facebook group mentioned there might be 2 battery sizes available. Was that you @Paddlepro or someone else? Anyone got any details on that?
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    FLX Blade 2.0

    Wonder if a 3 year Square Trade warranty would cover this? Pricey, but..