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    When was the last time you rode an acoustic bike?

    Yesterday! My e-bike is for transportation (and fun), my non-electric mountain bike is for exercise (and fun). Yesterday I did 14 miles on mountain dirt roads as training for a 3-day trip coming up in April. Today I used my e-bike to get to the river trail for a run, and back home again, and...
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    Discussion of allowing e-bikes on soft/natural trails (mtb trails) in Durango CO

    An update on this, for anyone interested: Last night was the first follow-up meeting of the city and advisory board, in which the city made a brief presentation of their proposal to build a new system of directional trails for e-bikes (in an area which has been donated to the city but is not...
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    What Are Electric Bike Classes and Why Do They Matter?

    I suspect it's a cultural thing. A bike that doesn't need to be pedaled proclaims its status as a motorized vehicle. People from a cycling background who pushed for the creation of paths and trails for non-motorized vehicles have a visceral reaction that this is a violation. I know...
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    Right turn hand signal?

    Now that most people on the road have never driven a car without turn signals and never learned hand signals for driving, the bent left arm to signal a right turn is at worst confusing and at best quaint, like "dialing" a phone. Additionally, I know people (okay, my husband) whose left-arm...
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    Direct drive + Pinion gearbox + Gates drive system = Lowest maintenance powerful E-bike

    Priority has a very nice (mid-drive) ebike, the Embark. I have to say the Gates belt drive is a dream.
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    Discussion of allowing e-bikes on soft/natural trails (mtb trails) in Durango CO

    A couple of years ago the city did a 1-year trial allowing e-bikes on one major in-town bike path, and subsequently opened all paved paths to e-bikes. This past summer new signs were added at the trailheads of our mtb trails stating "NO E-BIKES - NO PEDAL ASSIST". But after the fiat ruling to...
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    It’s 2025 what does your ebike look like?

    Try a modern carbon bike sometime. My mtb is carbon, and it's certainly not delicate.
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    It’s 2025 what does your ebike look like?

    Remember I'm talking about mountain bikes, not road bikes here. I think that in order to be treated as bicycles (that is, to be permitted on trails which are for non-motorized vehicles - the argument is being made that ebikes should be allowed where bicycles are) they need to look and behave...
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    How long did you research e-bikes before buying your first one?

    I had been casually researching (reading articles about ebikes) for about a year, because I knew we were going to move to a location where a townie ebike would make sense. But as our move became imminent I got more serious, trying out a variety of bikes, reading lots of reviews and reports, and...
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    It’s 2025 what does your ebike look like?

    Maybe for road bikes. But for mountain bikes, lighter is better, because it's easier to control a lighter bike on rough, steep terrain, and if you need to hike-a-bike (see my avatar image!) it's much easier to carry a lighter bike over obstacles. I also expect my 2025 bike to be...
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    Back to Acoustic?

    Well, it's obviously the opposite of electric, as per electric guitar / acoustic guitar. I agree that by itself it's nonsensical, but it's funny, and that in itself is worth something, so I use it! And if I had the ten grand to drop on a bike, you would bet I would buy it, because I love my...
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    Who's the oldest and youngest rider here?

    I'll be 56 in a couple of weeks. Feels odd to be among the younger cohort on a web forum...
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    Hi from the PNWet

    There is a sub-forum here on trikes, and also one on disabilities and e-biking, so hopefully you can find some advice there. Congrats on your purchase - I think it makes a lot of sense as an RV-dinghy and general car-replacement.
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    If you already own an e-bike, are you considering another?

    My Priority Embark suits my needs as a car alternative for errands, grocery shopping, going out to meet friends, etc. I also have a non-electric mountain bike for exercise and enjoyment of the trails. I anticipate that in another few years, as I approach 60, I will look for an e-mtb to allow...
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    Priority Embark, first impression

    The people at Priority are good about helping you size the frame based on your inseam and height. I bought Embarks for me and my husband and they were both the correct size based on the advice given.