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    which Ebike to pick

    As you live in California, I doubt that your pavement is perfect. Holes and bumps can be jarring on 20" wheels or smaller. I ride 26" wheels. Folding bikes are useful for people that live in Europe, and commute on trains & busses. They are a last mile solution. The pavement is well...
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    Hi, from Hull, England

    Welcome to the site. Many small companies fade away quickly.
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    Tire pressure, rolling resistance, battery range

    My objective is to not dent the rim if I fail to miss a gas valve hole or mis-aligned sidewalk slab. The standard driveway entrance to all the new street pavement is 1" high, I have to slow down for those. **** city, the wheelchair ramps at the corners are dead smooth. My 2.1" tires are...
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    Hi, I'm Bob and I have a lectric xp ebike. I'm 66 and live on a long steep hill. The xp gives me a boost so I no longer need to walk it.

    welcome to the site. I'm age 69, have 3 15 deg hills out near my summer camp. With 21 speeds and a 32:32 low, I could usually ride up one, but balancing at that slow speed is a nuisance. Then stand and slow down breath until the next one. Electricity is nice: 170 bpm is not wise for 69 year...
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    Handlebars: Back sweep angle?

    I'm using a yubabikes bodaboda which comes with about 30 deg swept back handlebars. I'd prefer 90 deg to the front wheel, but they took all the metal out of the frame seatpost to stem tube since the 1950's and those bars would foul your knees now on turns, even with my 28" legs. At least the...
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    25km/h? 32? 45? 60? What speed do you *actually* want on your e-bike?

    I've hit the road at 40 kph on a pedal bike: with my chin, which broke. And the forearms, which were wearing long sleeved poly/cotton mechanic's tunic. Also cotton work gloves. My "road rash" was so minor, I wouldn't even call it that. A little redness, like a class 1 sunburn. Needed 7...
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    My Thoughts on Mid Drive..Hub Drive and Throttle

    Men do their time in the armed forces. Why didn't you? You don't understand why anybody needs a throttle? My knee cartlege was donated to the USA. Didn't get shot at, no PTSD, but I need a throttle to cope with the bad knee days. The state would love for me to ride a powered wheelchair...
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    Do you need an optical gear display in your shifter?

    Feel is no indicator. Everything felt like small rear sprocket today: my speed indicators told me I was just aging badly. Not riding enough long distances in the cold of winter. My premium yubabike bodaboda came with indicators, from SRAM. If I didn't have them, I would buy them on the...
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    My Thoughts on Mid Drive..Hub Drive and Throttle

    Where did you do your time in the military? Coast Guard? Glad you are a great swimmer. My knees are complete missing any cartlege, with bone spurs in addition. True of most Viet Nam era Army & Marine vets. We had to run in combat boots. "Prevents injury" the pentagon office told a member of my...
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    25km/h? 32? 45? 60? What speed do you *actually* want on your e-bike?

    48 kph or 30 mph. I mostly ride at 14 kph (9 mph) unpowered, but there are occasional trips where I am in a hurry to go a long way. More than 48 I'm afraid the ride would be too rough with no suspension and only 2.1" tires. After about 4.5 hours my hips and hands get tired of sitting, and the...
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    Pathsurfer on the road to apocalypse

    Not if one ever intends to get some exercise. I use the motor when my 3.5 hour commute could go to 6 hours due to 25-40 mph headwinds. Otherwise, I ride unpowered. My geared hub motor doesn't drag unpowered. I have 77 hills in my commute, 4 are 15% grade. Minority mid drive brands yamaha and...
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    Where do you charge your ebike batteries at home?

    You can see battery on front of bike in picture left, the green/white wedge. I leave the bike cabled to a power pole on the sidewalk up to 4 hours when at my volunteer job. 90 minutes outside the grocery store. Making it difficult to remove the $630 battery was a goal. I don't ride 30 mile...
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    Where do you charge your ebike batteries at home?

    I charge outside, mostly. Battery takes 20 minutes to take off frame. Bike cabled to a 24' ladder here in town, loose at summer camp. Occasionally I charge in the garage, but not very often. Don't use the motor in the winter, battery is removed, stored at 60% in the garage with a heating pad...
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    Good Deal From RAD POWER BIKES

    Read the brand problems forum. Great bikes, if you don't need actual wheels.
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    New to the forum. Few questions.

    Some states like Texas frequently have an 8' wide "parking" lane outside the driving lane. Some states like Indiana frequently have 11' wide lanes. Some states like Kentucky have lanes wider than 9' only on limited access highways (no bicycles pedestrians or animals), and lots of 8' lanes. I...