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    townie ebike extra speed

    I have the Townie go and I can definately say that it is a 20MPH bike. I put the cadence dongle around the magnetic pickup to half the registered speed. And even with that on I found that above 20 say even 22 or 23 the gearing of the internal hub just didn't allow me to comfortably hold...
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    Bosch CX motor software upgrade

    I took my Townie Go Bosch Performance motor in for some work at the local dealer. For some reason the battery wouldn't charge beyond 75% and it would turn on in my bike. Well they upgraded the software to 1.7 cleared out all the errors and the bike works better than before. So I would...
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    Trek Super Commuter

    I've seen the super commuter both on the ferry to work (I work in Coronado Calif) and at the dealer Hollands bike shop. And I have to say its a beautiful bike, the gentlemen who I talked to on the ferry said that he commutes 22miles one way no problems and is very impressed with how fast the...
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    Battery stopped charging at four bars

    Hi I've had my Bosch system for about two years now maybe a year and a half. Its been working flawlessly but my 400 battery all of a sudden stopped charging at 4 bars which I can live with. But the problem is now its dead and won't work on the bike. Has anyone else experienced this? Can...
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    Battery on Bosch Performance Shutoff when left in sun?

    The only thing that reset it was hooking it up to the charger. Pushing the button on the battery pack had no affect.
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    Battery on Bosch Performance Shutoff when left in sun?

    I guess I don't have a problem with the automatic shutoff in extreme temeperatures but the problem was that it wouldn't reset even when the temperatures went down until i hooked it up to the charger again. Kind of made it hard to get home, without power.
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    Battery on Bosch Performance Shutoff when left in sun?

    Hi the other day here in San Diego it was hot, left my bike in the sun for a couple of hours, when I got back I started peddleing and it died. I couldn't activate my bike again until I recharged the full battery and it reset. Is it possible that the battery has a temperature monitoring...
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    Well if they update the firmware doesn't mean you have to take the upgrade on your bike. If its working now, just leave it with the RS in it.
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    Need Ocean Current 1000 watt

    make it a special edition off road only model yadda yadda. Is there a plan to offer such a beast?
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    How fast have you gotten your E-Lux to?

    website says up to 23mph. Just wondering if that's wishful thinking?
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    Why do I only get boost to 19 mph

    Yes that's the problem I had good boost to 18 or 19 then it shuts off. That's why I got the dongle now I get all the boost I need
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    Juggernaut V-max ?

    Looks like u have a winner here
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    Speed hacking Bosch (or Yamaha) drive - efficient? detectable?

    This one from Bad ass bikes I would almost save its a necessary upgrade to free your bike
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    Speed hacking Bosch (or Yamaha) drive - efficient? detectable?

    I put the dongle on my Bosch system and couldn't be happier. I don't notice a difference in the speed/torque ratio as far as I can tell its the same. Your just not artificially limited by the 20MPH limit. Today going to work I was able to keep up with a 5K+ carbon fibre bike and a rider that...
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    Dongle on Bosch System

    I recently purchased the "Bad ASS Bike" dongle for my Townie Go and can say that I'm more than happy with it. Right around 11 mph it cuts the speed in half so on a straight away I can get it up to about 28MPH pushing really hard and the bike telling me to upshift. Most of the time I cruise...