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    45km/h ebikes

    If you don't have the COC, the vehicle goes to the DMV for analysis in many EU countries, and absolutely nothing says that it will be declared as roadworthy. I know two cases of Frey owners that had troubles to legally register their vehicles in Germany. One finally managed, but at a steep...
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    What are your cold weather ebike limits?

    My cold weather e-bike limits? Well... if the fridge is empty and I'm hungry, I guess -20C or whatever a hungry man can physically endure. I'd never order Uber Eats because there's a distinct possibility that they'd deliver on an e-bike and then I'd feel like a wimp. Gotta find ways to...
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    Companies and ebike models that support or would facilitate upgrades - particularly with batteries or motors

    Actually, many components on the Frey can at least be changed for equal components. The M620 drive can be bought online, unlike most Bosch, Brose, Yamaha, Shimano drives. And the price is still reasonable. It's too bad Frey doesn't make a lighter commuter bike... I'd be a candidate. I would...
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    45km/h ebikes

    An EU Certificate of Conformity.
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    45km/h ebikes

    He wants a legal 45km/h bike with a COC, I think... Most Bafang 25+ km/h bikes are street illegal in the EU. I searched and could only come up with a handful of legal 45kn/h EU bikes with a Bafang drive... And those probably wouldn't be available in Finland...
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    45km/h ebikes

    Specialized, Trek, Haibike, R&M, Giant... All Make 45km/h bikes. In general, look for the S prefix or postfix. A Haibike S 8.0 is a 45km/h bike. Ditto for the Trek Allant 8S. R&M seems to call them HS.
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    Need help ordering spare rotors for trek allant 8s

    If you have 6 bolts that you can hold in your hand, it is not centerlock. Centerlock has zero bolts. Instead, there is a large center ring that you fasten with the park tool. In post #19, I see a bolt. Hence it is not centerlock. Not sure why you would need the tool. Unless you intend on...
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    Need help ordering spare rotors for trek allant 8s

    Maybe this is even clearer: park tool + centerlock
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    Need help ordering spare rotors for trek allant 8s

    Center lock looks like this: As you can see, no bolts are apparent. Hopefully, this helps.
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    2020 : Our Rides in Words, Photos & Videos

    Your GF is right to be suspicious. I think you deliberately forgot your keys at 11PM so that you could speak to the nice lady who remotely unlocked all the lockers. By the time she opened all those doors, you probably knew everything about each other... Who forgets their keys in a box that...
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    Complete this sentence... "For me, ebiking means..."

    Dirty hands, a dirty bike... Lots of stress to keep stuff running. After the honeymoon is over, it isn't all fun and games. Why didn't I buy a car instead? 😭
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    2021 Allant+ 9S

    I like that Diamant is keeping the price down, under 4000 euros. That involves a compromise, but from my perspective you get the essential: a gen. 4 class 3 Bosch drive and 625Wh battery. I was interested in the Turbo Vado (as mentioned in one of your threads), but the 2021 price has gone up by...
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    2021 Allant+ 9S

    I'm kind of partial to the sister company's Zouma Deluxe+ S The price is nicer than anything Trek has to offer in class 3. There are a couple of compromises (10s, Intuvia), but it can be had for around 650 euros less than the Allant 8S... And you get a real rack and shocks.
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    Yamaha PW circuit board , where to buy ?

    You can buy the PW SE in the EU but you'll have to change the display. It's bolt compatible but not compatible with your display...
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    Laptop in pannier on daily usage - Possible damages due to micro vibrations

    I wouldn't worry about it. Put your laptop in its laptop bag and then put it in the pannier. It will be just fine.