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    Radcity direct drive

    No regrets on choosing the RadCity. Since I'm retired, any street riding for me is usually in low traffic areas. I tend to used the local paved bike trails in our metro area, and when camping I find a multitude of areas that are more for enjoyment of the surroundings, than the challenges of...
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    2020 Rad Line Up

    Saw the 2020 RadCity and I didn't feel bad about buying my 2019. I hate when the advancements in technology give you buyers remorse. Not this time! Not really a criticism. For the money RadPower gives you a lot of value when you size up the competition.
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    New 2019 RadRover Ordered

    The battery that came with my Rad City was around 75% or so based on the display screen meter. My Brother-In-Law's Rad City and his wife's Step Through also shows around that same amount of power on their displays.
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    Cyber sale just got better

    Personally, I'm really not too sure how much more they could do to the Rad City for 2020. I think the big jump was the 2018 to 2019, and any changes might be minor. Maybe an update to the display screen with a clock in it? Improvements in the seat? What ever it is, I'm not sure there is much...
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    This guy makes a tool so you can adjust easily. No need then to remove the caliper. I bought one from him and it works great. Here is the link to his site.
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    New Rad Owner

    Had that sound and it was the rear brake rotor. Once I backed the pads off the disk one click via the adjustment on the brake itself , the random squeal/squeak noise was eliminated. When the bike was brand new there was no noise and it started developing at the 50 mile mark, and became more...
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    Rad City and Rad Mini ... Harsh ride

    I visited a couple of local bike shops today and showed pictures of my brooks saddle and the multiple spring setup and was told that you don’t find seats like that today in most shops. They noted that when riding in a straight up position, most of the padded seats and others they sell will...
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    Rad City and Rad Mini ... Harsh ride

    Velofix who set my bike up recommended 50 psi on my RadCity. The issue for me is the seat and I also have a vintage Raleigh bike that came with a Brooks seat. I know my local bike shop always gaga's my bike when I bring it in for service and they always comment on that "good" seat I have...
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    When you want to haul with your van

    Here's a picture of the Saris rack holding two bikes on a recent trip. On this one I left the RadCity home and brought my vintage Raleigh Sprite. The only fly in the ointment was that the fork ends on the Raleigh are a smaller diameter than the fork mount trap supplied by Saris. After...
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    Bike Rack for ebike

    I decided to use a carrier that can work either in a van, SUV, or pickup truck. It's from Saris and can hold up to 3 bikes. Here is a picture of it carrying two non E bikes.
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    Storing E-Bike Through Winter?

    Here's the advice from RadPower regarding their batteries. For battery storage longer than two weeks, the battery should be kept at around 75% charged, powered off, and stored in a dry place between 50° F and 77° F. The battery should be checked every month, and if necessary, charged to...
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    2019 Radrover Battery and no bike

    Yes to the home insurance. I checked up on mine and they added a rider that gives me replacement value coverage if it is lost or stolen. Also coverage for vandalism. No deductible. Cost was $5.20.
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    Purchase Rad Wagon with Velofix setup

    I was willing to pay the price although my brother-in-law and I each purchased a RadCity and the local Velofix outlet was willing to drop their price for the assembly if both bikes were at one location. With our 2 bikes, the service person found the derailer guard slightly bent and made...
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    wait for 2020 line for first ebike?

    I know I'm very happy with the changes made on my 2019 RadCity and am glad I have it rather than the 2018. On the other hand I wasn't looking last year so obviously I don't have any buyers remorse. Quite honestly I was seriously considering another bike prior to the RadCity but that bike was...
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    Rear Wheel Drag

    I just started riding so I've got about 34 miles on mine. First ride was on a 8.2 mile bike trail ) 1 way pretty much flat with a gradual decent from beginning to end. I rode with PAS 1 on. On the return I rode with PAS 2. Very nice. Then I did another trail that was along side a river then...