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    Dealer in Utah or someone with Surface604

    I have a surface 604, I'm 30 miles north of SLC if you would like to take it out for a ride.
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    Open discussion for winter riders.

    This morning the temp was 26 with a feels like temp of 19. Noticed the bars showing on a freshly charged older battery at these temps dropped down to only 1 bar showing almost constantly. About time to break out the new battery for the rover.
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    First e-bike purchase help! Please :)

    I accidently submerged my bosch driven bike in an underpass on a bike path. The bike did shut off, and after I waded me and the bike back to dry ground waited 3 or 4 minutes turned it back on and it's been fine.
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    Bike radio

    I have been using the bone induction type blue tooth speakers. They fit in front of your ears and sound actually travels thru the bones in front of your ears and you can still hear whats going on around you.
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    Neoprene Ebike Battery Covers for Cold Weather

    I have an old knee brace on one of my batteries, I'm sure there are a lot on this forum that have old neoprene knee braces around.
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    Battery question

    I have about 5200 miles on my rover, I usually charge at home and work and it is just barely starting to show some signs of getting weaker.
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    Winter e-biking advices

    I have bar mitts on 2 different bikes and have only had to wear any type of glove when using them in temps above 20 deg F in northern Utah so far this fall/winter.
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    Swapping out wheels

    If you have a hub drive you would need to re-lace the rear hub motor to your choice of wheels. New spokes would obviously need to be made but it could be done.
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    What's the Best Electric Bike, or at Least Your Favorite!

    Great question, I currently have a couple of Haibikes one Yamaha and one Bosch drive, a Turbo Vado, a Surface fat tire and a Rad Rover which I had converted to a 29er. I enjoy them all. 5100 miles on the Rover after the conversion it's my main commuter. But the Bosch RX and the Vado are the...
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    My e bike journey

    the whale when he/she was a minnow. It's been an incredible/frustrating experience. Sometimes you get great people to deal with and then there are other people that just don't want anything to do with you after the point of sale. I have been fortunate enough to have a great bike shop near my...
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    So today I took it out the volts read 55 on the first part of the ride, going home was uphill and when the voltage under load dropped somewhere around 50 volts it shut down on me 4 times just getting to the top of the street. Is this a battery problem or controller issue? This is the second...
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    Thomas Thank you, I am electronically and mechanically challenged, the picture shows the bbhd taken apart is that correct? If so I will put it up on the work bench and tear into it. Thanks again.
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    You're right Alex, I think the difference for an old fart like me is being able to talk to a human closer to the source than a sub contractor that just wants to make himself feel smart and the customer an idiot.
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    On my way to work it just died , would not start back up. Checked all connections that I could see at 5:00 am they were fine, tried it again after hauling it home still nothing. I then plugged in the charger and bike and it ran fine. I had charged it the night before to 90% and was about 2...