Joe Pipes

55 yr old. Mid life crisis bike rider. Probably very un-unique into to biking. Was very fit at one time, then something called life happened; work, family and stuff.
Looked in the mirror one day and Yep, Damn I was out of shape. Okay heavy, Okay almost Fat.
While on vacation in Rio De Janeiro and we rented e-bikes and toured the city. Wow, is an understatement. The most incredible bike and outdoor friendly city I have visited ever. And being that the bikes were pedal assist I had no qualm about heading out the entire day exploring adventuring and enjoying. The idea that I had that extra boost, and being so out of shape gave me confidence.
I returned home, bought my first bike 18 months ago. skip to the present, 2000k miles on the bike, almost 40lbs dropped off the weight. And still rolling.

Now that I am hooked I am in the market for Bike number 2. And have an incredible Pedego city commuter for sale. PeeWee has been a great buddy, but time for an upgrade.
79180 Fort Worth
Nursery, plants


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