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    Geezer build, hello excellent Theophilus

    In spite of the name, the Moscow is made by a German company, the fat tire version Is called the Aspen. (same pricing) NCM names all their bikes after cities, & I guess they wanted the Russian market. I bought the Moscow, but would recommend the Moscow+ or Aspen + if you need more suspension &...
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    The Green Room

    The packaging industry must change, but only legislation will make that happen. There´ś too much money in fabricating trash. Packages must become standardized & reusable, with a stiff deposit charge to insure that they are. We cannot continue to defecate in our nest the way we have been.
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    The Green Room

    There will always be a need for petroleum; It´s too valuable a resource to just burn promiscuously.
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    Best Choice for Entry-Level Ebike?

    The best choice is first that which fits your needs with your budget. That said, research, & take your time making the choice
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    Are we getting suckered by online eBike companys?

    I have the same mirror, but eyes in the back of my head still would be better. You still get a blind spot on curves, drops & rises. Gotta be super-cautious; itś a jungle out there.:eek: I´ve never had an attention span like that. I´m quite certain I´ve had at least 100 different jobs,(at...
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    Are we getting suckered by online eBike companys?

    Rockefeller had $1.4 billion when he died in 1937, surpassing Ford. According to Wikipedia the greatest wealth in the Twentiies is disputed twixt Carnegie, Astor, Vanderbilt, & Ford based on their percentage of the GDP. The source I had gave it to Ford in 1921, But who can present an exact...
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    Are we getting suckered by online eBike companys?

    Yeah, that kinda put my grandfather´s horses & mules corral outa business.
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    Are we getting suckered by online eBike companys?

    People will ride what they can afford. Back when only the rich could afford automobiles, Henry Ford came up with a durable car for $650. By 1921 he was the richest man in America.
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    NCM Moscow Das Kit L7 code to modify setting

    This could be useful, I didn´t need the code to change from kph to mph which effectively removes EU limits.
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    "Sons of Angioplasty" or "Seniors on Bikes" - which one is for you?

    You have to be a prospect first, & then there´s the beat down & initiation.☠️🥴.
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    Known Issues & Problems with NCMProducts + Help, Solutions & Fixes

    Fred, with three at once you might want to check for the spoke bores on the motor for damage. If the holes on the motor start to wear & widen out. you´ve got a problem. Once they go bad you´ll be popping spokes on every ride, The Moscow will climb about anything, but it´s not really the kind...
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    Flat tire of Moscow

    It is possible to patch a tube without removing the wheel.
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    "Observations from a UPS Driver" (aka some light 'Rona' humor)

    I dunno if I could top that?? It is the 7th inning now, & things have grown markedly weirder. I´m not overly confident that any of us will survive. It´s October, & if trump doesn´t self destruct in the next few days, things are looking good for Steve & Mary. Gotta run to the corner for some...
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    Post pics of your NCM ride. (Pictures Thread)

    I´ve modified the rear rack to carry a 2nd battery. Two kickstands, the dbl leg rocks either wheel off the ground for servicing.
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    Flat tire of Moscow

    That sort of tube has been around a while, though the Huffy is an improvement with the male/female connection. I think it´s really a temporary fix. not meant for long term. If you are big like I am, tire pressure is critical, too much or too little will get you flats. I´ve gone to slime tubes &...