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    How to remove asphalt from RadWagon frame?

    I would think this should work well since works well on my car:
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    Show us your Cell Phone Holders

    Works very well.
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    Best Phone Holder

    This holder works very well on my Rad City Step Through. Very well made and worth the cost.
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    Brakes/Pads - RadWagon

    I just replaced the pads with a set I found on Amazon. Worked great!
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    Tektro Brake Handle

    I have 3,800 miles on my 2017 Radwagon but took my first spill the other day and bent the right side Tektro brake lever. Can anyone tell me a good part number to purchase a replacement? Looking on Amazon I find many many options but not sure which would fit. Thanks.
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    RadWagon 4....

    I like the changes. My wagon is a 2017 and one of the first in blue. The lower step over height is a big plus. A reduction of 2.4" may not sound like a lot but at 71 years old it will help a great deal. Good Job Rad.
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    Question to all RadWagon owners

    Tighten the spokes after a the first couple of rides and check the rear axle for proper torque. The Radwagon also can benefit from a Suntour seatpost and better seat like a Cloud 9 cruiser gel. The wagon has no suspension.
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    Radwagon Tire Replacement

    The standard tires that came on the Wagon which are 26" x 2.3".
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    Radwagon Tire Replacement

    Its about time for new tires on the Radwagon and wondered if the Kenda K-Rad tire sold by Rad will work with Mr Tuffy liners since the tire already has a liner built in. Are there any other tire brands to consider on the Radwagon? My riding is on hard pack trails and city streets. The...
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    rad wagon handle bars - upgrade ideas ?

    I needed my bars a little higher and back (closer) on my Radwagon. I went with a new stem and riser, big improvement! I ended up rotating the stem 180 degrees to get even a little closer. Perfect upright position now. Delta Cycle Bike Bicycle Stem Raiser Pro Extender Head Up Handlebar Raiser...
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    Radwagon rear spoke tension adjustment

    I followed this video on my Radwagon and it worked out well. Had to tighten twice in the first 1000 miles. Wheel stayed true.
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    Suggested improvements to Radpowerbike models

    I would like to have a more positive on/off switch for the throttle assist button. Never sure if it is on or off as I approach intersections because it gets bumped often. A heavy duty toggle witch would make more sense to me.
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    Radwagon: How steep of a grade can it handle?

    With my weight of 280, saddlebags loaded with 15, bike weight of 75, and lastly the dog who is 17 lbs, I can climb a 10% grade with no problem. Almost 400 lbs. While a mid drive bike can be more efficient, the Radwagon does a nice job.
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    Question for Rad Wagon owners

    I never use the the gears on the front. No real use for them and just makes tune ups more difficult. The seven on the rear are plenty.
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    Radwagon - Any recommendations for a quality spoke wrench?

    Thanks Windmill. Each bike store I went to did not have the correct size so I went with this one which worked out well. A little tight fit on the spoke but I guess better than being loose.