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    Bosch motor average life span.

    What motor do you have, a drive line or CX ?
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    Bosch 2020 error 510 due to EM interference

    Just download 2 apps regarding magnetic field on the apple store. Brought my cell close to different item in the house and the meter got crazy specially near radio and speaker. The tightness of the seal around the handle on the microwave let some field escape. Fun Apps. Thanks
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    Error 513

    The paint seem to be pretty thick. Will be hard to fix that unless you go to a car paint shop. Very sad Indeed.
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    Moustache FS5 EMTB mode question

    Hi Steve64. I might stay as Iam since most of the time I ride on paved or gravel road. I am scare that the emtb mode my eat my battery faster that I would like. I might be wrong, someone might tell me otherwise. My dealer is 4 km away. NZ is far away from Canada. I bought a FS5 because of the...
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    Moustache FS5 EMTB mode question

    Hi Chris, No, nothing except Eco, tour, sport and turbo. I dont even have the Walk assist. Kindda weird. I will do as you said and see the dealer. I see a lot of difference in the power between my performance drive and that CX. That is what I needed. The suspension of the FS5 is a nice...
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    Moustache FS5 EMTB mode question

    Just bought today a Moustache FS5 with a BOSCH CX motor and Intuvia console. I was thinking that all CX drive had the EMTB mode on the Intuvia. What can I do to have it ? Can it be program in the console by someone ? Thanks.
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    Bosch 2020 error 510 due to EM interference

    Saw a lot of young people when I was a cop who opened the garage door of their neighbours with a RF transmitter.
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    Bosch Battery Failure After 1st Ride

    Good for you my friend. This bring confidence to Bosch company.
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    Error 513

    Just bought a 3rd e-bike. Another Moustache, this one is a Samedi FS5 with a CX motor. Hope not to have any problem with it. Pawww sad for U. keep the moral up.
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    Error 513

    Thanks for the info. I'll keep that in my trouble shooting book.
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    Power tube vs power pack.

    Very sad. I have a Moustache with a Powerpac 500 and bought last summer a 400 watt. Now if I plan to change my Moustache the spare Powerpack will not fit. Grrr.... Why do they have to change a good recipe ?? If i'd known i would've wait. 1000$ down the drain almost.
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    New Bosch Nyon 2020 preview

    Hi Chris, I have a Moutache Open Xroad 5 2018 with a performance line drive. How do you know witch GEN it is ? Thanks
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    Intuvia lifespan

    I always take it off when I install my Moustache on the carrier as to not lose it while driving. The idea of the bolt is good but as I just read, someone forcing the support might steal it anyway. So I'll remove it every time I feel unsafe. Thanks for the trick.
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    Performance CX (2018) Seizes

    Am I dreaming or it seem that most problems come from CX motor and not Performance Drive Line ???
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    Intuvia shutting down randomly (problem solved!!! hurray!)

    Thanks alot for the info.