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    Zen Samurai Diamond

    That is very impressive, sub 50 lbs with rohloff. I hope you will have great success with this one.
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    Zen Samurai Diamond

    Ravi, this design looks good and your component choices are great(dt swiss hubs, maguras, ). Well done. What do you think the weight would be with carbon fork + rohloff - seatpost suspension?
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    Wanted: Lightweight (less than 20kg), high Torque (90NM), Motor offering large amount of power 500w+, removable large battery

    Remove your torque requirement, those ratings are mostly gimmick that does not give a true indication of how strong the motor is. As long as the motor has enough power you can use the gears + slow down and easily climb most of the hills. How steep are the hills you are trying to climb? My vote...
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    Let us brag about our Bosch system motors!

    That may be impressive for an average cyclist. For Steve, that is like a walk in the park... I hope you ride and enjoy many more tens of thousands of miles Steve!
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    Trek Allant 7s or 8s or 9.9s

    I think people can help you more if you can tell more about what kind of riding you will be doing, the distances you are planning to cover and the terrain you will be riding on. For allant, -8s and 9.9s has the same frame geometry , the difference in looks is mostly due to a different color...
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    Suspension seat post - Kinekt

    If while riding on the bumps, holes cracks on a path where you felt the need to stand up, now you don't feel the need to do so then it is working. That is how every seatpost suspension work and most of the decent suspensions accomplish this. Seatpost suspension is not a substitute for full...
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    Trek Corporate Retail Store Acquisition Challenges

    That's sad. Corporates, no matter how much they say they care, are usually unforgiving when it comes to their employees. I hope they realize their mistake and make it right.
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    ~50 lbs, full featured Watt Wagons City Commuter! Class 3 with throttle, $3199, optional electronic shifting, shipping July !

    First of all congrats on the new offering. Several questions: 1. Are you using the Shimano ebike igh or sturmey archer? Since you mention Shimano I don't think its eshifting would work with sturmey archer. 5 speed hubs seem to be reliable but their range is limited. I wish the rage was over...
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    Frey CC

    Thanks for sharing your experience. I think this bike is a very good deal for the money. That is a very nice looking bike. The background is also beautiful.
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    I just bought an Ebike! Looks premium, where in CA is Haoling factory located?
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    Specialized’s ultra-light 120-mile range e-bike - Turbo Vado SL

    I agree, 100 mile promise is just marketing nonsense. Imo it hurts more than it helps.
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    Specialized’s ultra-light 120-mile range e-bike - Turbo Vado SL

    I don't believe SL is designed to be a touring bike. It is more of a nice urban/fitness bike that I would want to take out and enjoy with little assistance when I need while not burdened by the heavy weight. I also am not sure about the definition of classes here but I don't think 9.9S...
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    Specialized’s ultra-light 120-mile range e-bike - Turbo Vado SL

    No bike will fit everyone and personal preferences differ. Still this bike is bringing something(a light weight 34-37lbs , well designed, everyday urban bike for a very attractive price) that the other brands/models don't and it is very unfair to compare it to a bike like verve+. Verve + 3 is a...
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    Specialized’s ultra-light 120-mile range e-bike - Turbo Vado SL

    This is what ebike specific design should be. Instead of slapping a mainstream motor on a no suspension 52-55 lbs bike with a hefty price tag, Specialized is taking extra steps to design/modify the motor, battery, frame etc. to come up with a light ebike. This seem to be a great ebike for...