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    Just ordered the Haibike Xduro Fatsix

    I own 2. Awesome bikes. It takes awhile to get used to what you can actually roll over. I usually ride 12-18 miles a session.
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    Tubeless Fatbike - Jumbo Jims

    Converted my FatSix to tubeless. Stans Pro 6oz front and rear. I was averaging a flat every 60mi. 45mi on the tubeless and not flats yet. Been gradually lowering the pressures. Running 11.5 front and 13 rear. Every ride I lower pressure, notice a significant positive difference. Ultimately will...
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    Possible to purchase EU versions of Haibike and have shipped to US?

    Contact Martin at e-bikeshop has a great site. I literally have email threads of over 100 emails each on both of my purchases (2x FatSixes both w/Nyon and Droppers). He answered all of my questions and the shipping was quick. Everything arrived in perfect order.
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    E-Wheels, Thanks. How many miles do you have on a Bike Speed RealSpeed?
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    Is there a consensus on which Dongle has emerged as the most reliable? I would like more assist available on the flats, flow. Important for me in order: 1) native motor shifting still works; 2) system is reliable (I ride often in the outback); 3) display glitchyness minimized; 4) display data...