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    An e-Bike that maximizes comfort while handling bumps

    Problem is that your problem is your 20" wheel requirement. If you do your thinking list that is about as good as you are going to get.
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    This new cargo e-bike is bringing Dutch design to the US

    "or on a tilting trike" So why not just get a tilting trike? Especially due to the reasons stated above..... I'm a big fan of the concept of cargo bikes and always glad to see any press about them and their development and acceptance...
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    Great Canadian Musicians

    I nominate Bubbles.
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    Hello from Montebello, Québec!

    The manufacturing and distribution of power currently (sic) where I live in the western US is also hydro via the BPA. There are issues with damming up a river as large as the Columbia and negative effects on the environment so Hydro isn't always as environmentally sound as it might sound. Not...
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    Recent bike laws in washington state.:

    As a long time cyclist I have rolled a few stop signs in my day. However as a motorist I have seen some really stupid rolls done by cyclists that I feel may be even more emboldened or entitled even with this new law in WA. One of the best things I like about riding an eBike is the ability to...
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    E-Bikes with 750w+ motors available in Europe

    Your best bet is to get ahold of a kit motor system that has the features you require both wattage and throttle and installing it on a bike. I seriously doubt there are any eBikes in the EU that will meet your requirements due to their regulations.
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    Wheel axle does not fit fork end

    The OP's issue is a common one as the axle's on Chinese hub motors are 10mm and the dropouts are 9mm. You can grind in the methods described but the best way is with a 10mm rotary burr cylinder file chucked in a die grinder or drill. That way an equal amount is taken from both side of the...
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    What's the thinking behind a torque sensor?

    As mentioned that is what the different levels of assist that up the % of motor output is for. However when you are tired and legs getting sore it usually means you have been out for awhile and depending on what level of % you have been using your voltage has dropped as well which makes the...
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    How to turn off the power when the key is not in the battery, so the bike can not be ridden away, at least electrically

    That key has nothing to do with the electronics as you discovered. It just locks down the battery. I wonder what happened to that stink bomb anti theft device that was talked about a few years ago? Fixed gear bikes are popular in the city because if someone just hops on one you can usually...
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    My new Custom GMAC build

    There is still the ability to set it for a certain % of regen. Granted it has the potential to be variable and really powerful but there is no reason to have it set that high. At least for my needs using my All-Axle 250w is plenty. You won't use a CA3 because it's too "big" but that is what...
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    Where are the Shimano and Bosch motors made?

    I think you would be hard pressed to find any eBike motor system that doesn't at least have some Asian parts if not the full assembly. Same goes for all other aspects of eBikes.
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    My new Custom GMAC build

    "I would prefer to keep the brakes independent of motor power/regen." If you refer back to my cockpit jpeg you can see a red button on the left brake hood that is either on or off by pressing/releasing. It is completely independent of the actual brake itself but easy enough to apply both at...
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    My new Custom GMAC build

    "There's no "all available" regen on/off." That is not my experience as I have a momentary switch on my left brake hood that I can press that activates regen which I have the percentage set in my CA3. It has nothing to do with the throttle although you can set it up that way also via the CA3...
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    My new Custom GMAC build

    It looks like you have quite a few spacers and basically that is what the Grin bracket as well as the ones I made are in essence? Don't be afraid to add it to the underside of the stem in other words to get it lower. I have some fast hub bikes also and it's true that under the right...
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    eBike deals you can't believe

    While lots of eBikes have the potential to cost as much as a car, this one costs as much as a potentially nice one...