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    Specialized Turbo Creo 28mph Electric Road Bike

    Assuming you have electricity available in your garage some people just get a heat wrap and keep it on a low temp around the down tube.
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    6.4", 310lbs, 34"inseam stepthrough help needed

    And keep your crank bolts tightened, 15mm socket does the trick, as they are famous for coming loose and if they do the only repair is a new crank......They are on a tapered spindle and will seat eventually.
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    New Rad City, as expected now a geared hub

    It would seem if the rear spacing is in fact 154mm that it is an odd non standard spacing. Strange but along with the branded components and moves like the odd wheel size of their cargo bike that they may be looking to get some after sale action going from their brand loyalists. Need a new...
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    Bad chain skipping over gears

    Might be stating the obvious here but how is your chain length? When in the small cogs there is the least amount of tension on the derailleur and a slack chain can cause skipping, maybe taking out a link or 2 will solve the issue, as long as there are still enough to accommodate the big ring...
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    A Teenager Hit Six Cyclists While Trying To Roll Coal And Was Not Arrested

    That kid and his entire family need to be required to do 1000 hours of community service in the next town over and have to ride bicycles to get there. Cause if you don't think for one second that type of behavior wasn't learned and even encouraged at home then I'll eat my helmet.
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    Creo Carbon SL Broken spoke and cracked rim

    I would say with 13 thousand k on it that wheel doesn't owe you anything but why not treat yourself to a whole new wheel, including a fresh hub? I'd go at least 28h and stick with alloy and at least i25. I like the Sapim strong spokes personally and use WTB Asym rims which I think build a...
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    Van Moof announces a 31 mph awd 'hyperbike'

    I'd have to agree because terrain and overall weight and wind resistance will eat between 30 and 40 wh/mi at speeds over 30mph. At this time as alluded to by the video there are not any regulations on the books that support the legality of this bike on the roads much less bike...
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    Throttle or no throttle. That is the question

    In all these throttle threads, and I dare say in the minds of many of those that oppose throttles, there is the underlying conception that having a throttle will somehow make an eBike that has one faster. However due to the limitations of v x Amps it really doesn't matter if you are in PAS mode...
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    Throttle or no throttle. That is the question

    But in actuality none of their bikes a limited to 250 watts and most are at least 500w or even more. The vagueness of the wording of that law has been discussed on here many times.....but I do agree that if a system was only capable of 250w it wouldn't be worth the weight and complexity to have...
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    Adding a Rotary Dial Speed Control

    On my Grin component front hub bikes with CA3 I have a three button unit I got from them mounted on my left brake hood via a Bobmount next to my regen momentary button. It allows me to set my watt output in 250w increments up to 1000w. I can set my amount of power, basically the cruise control...
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    A Teenager Hit Six Cyclists While Trying To Roll Coal And Was Not Arrested

    Just another case of affluenza but in reality nothing more than bullying which seems to be happening more and more across the spectrum......
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    Passed by accident where a biker got killed :/

    On the other hand just now on the way back home on the two lane country type road entering a small village close to me some idiot was riding into traffic wearing all dark clothing and although I am a pretty aware driver I almost didn't see him in bad as riding with the flow of...
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    Front Hub Motor with Steel ebike Fork on Dual Suspension?

    I'm with PDOz in why not use a sus fork? As long as you use a solid type of torque arm setup the dropouts should be just fine. I have thousands of miles on a rigid carbon fiber fork bike with a 1000w 9c hub motor with no issues. That said I set up a gentleman with a setup as you are eyeing...
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    Beach / Loose Sand Riding... What Size/Model Tires are You Using?

    A wide tire such as the 4.8 on your bike at a very low psi will perform the best on loose sand. However if you have to ride any amount of hard ground on the way to the beach you will suffer from high rolling resistance and possible self steering issues. I ride beach here in coastal OR on as...
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    Why Container Ships Can’t Sail Around the California Ports Bottleneck

    While Cowlitz is correct in her assessment of the situation regarding log export regulations/mill shutdown I personally agree with Codocee's statement regarding US/Canadian log export practices over the years as well. If years ago we had set up the infrastructure here to mill and condition the...