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    Hyper-bike Walmart online

    Had an e-mail 2 weeks ago. The Hyper 29er with disc brakes on sale for $598. It arrived today. 10 minutes to unpack and 20 minutes to assemble. Same battery I can use in my other 26" Hyper. I had my last 700C hyper stolen. I failed to lock it up, stepped in a shop for 10 minutes and it was gone.
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    Rad Power Bikes lands massive $150M investment

    In venture capital that is their "burn rate." Burning thru 25 million divided by shipping out 100,000 (500 a day). 250 per bike. For 1500 dollar bikes they should have made 25 million.
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    Rad Power Bikes lands massive $150M investment

    Rad has a home made look to it.
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    Rad Power Bikes lands massive $150M investment

    Lower price points. Less engineering. Also competition they face is a guy buying a dime store bike and adding a kit to make an e-bike.
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    Rad Power Bikes lands massive $150M investment

    You are making several good points. Buying an e-bike without dealer set-up and service is wrong for most riders. Buying a bike online is wrong for many riders. Even Sears went broke and they had more service than Wards or penneys by far. The e-treadmill business is tasting retraction in...
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    Which is the best of the best of the best electric heated glove for winter riding?

    So I have a lot of ski gloves and ride a lot when temps are in the teen. I hate ski gloves. My hands get wet soon. I have worn latex gloves in surgery for thousands and thousands of hours and never had wet hands in the gloves. Surgery is kept cool and no exertion. I have worn sailing gloves...
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    Aventon Level hill climb

    This is a case for a Mid Drive e-bike. The drive train would send power to lower gears and not work as hard.
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    Error 25

    32 minutes after he posted, you offer solution. Aventon would have taken 4 days to respond from Monday.
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    Experiences with Aventon customer service and support?

    Bought a level July 4, 2021. Came in 10 days, battery went out and by 60 days the replacement arrived. I rode a few trips and 100+ miles total and saw the axle skewer was sticking out. I had lost the nut. So it was a pain to reach "chat" They refused to help and said to try to fill...
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    Hyper-bike Walmart online

    I thought that is the same name that is on the rear hub motor. My spare battery was 200 dollars and free freight.
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    Aventon display turns off randomly throughout ride

    Same with my level. So I stopped, unlocked the battery, with my hand tilted the battery "out" a couple of inches and I had continuity. This is not safe. They shipped me a new battery and the connector part in the bike battery tray. Now it works all the time. I decided to no longer remove...
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    My "misaventure" in e-biking

    2,000 is a fortune for a bike that doesn't work. Actually I am not concerned about upgrading drive train because i don't give it a hard workout like on my 4 mountain bikes. My other price comment on 2,000 dollars is related to loss from getting bike stolen. Cheap bikes are not as great a loss.
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    Aventon Customer Service lead times?

    Your story doesn't match the pictures. There is not enough cardboard damage. They most likely boxed a damaged bike. They may have assembled a bike with a damaged fork.
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    Aventon “mis-Aventure” Disastrous Customer Support

    If they tell you to go to a LBS and get a repair done, send them the receipt? You will need to pay for repair and the odds of getting reimbursed are very low.
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    Aventon “mis-Aventure” Disastrous Customer Support

    I purchased July 4 and waited 4 days for them to ship. In 2 weeks I had Level and in around 4 rides in a week, my battery "went out" 2 miles from home. When I remove battery and put it almost back in, the contacts work and display shows power. All the way locked in, it was 'dead". So...