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    Lack of activity on this forum?

    My guess is there are fewer problems. Enjoy your new bikes!
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    what is the most comfortable and safe helmut you've used

    I wear a motorcycle helmet in the winter, keeps my ears warm.
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    Known Issues & Problems with Pedego Products + Help, Solutions & Fixes

    Platinum Interceptor, down-shift lever has to be pumped a few times to function after sitting overnight. Is it hydraulic?
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    Do you wear a mask when you ride?

    Wore a mask and a motorcycle helmet yesterday..........ears and face sure were warmer.
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    Throttle ? Yes or no ?

    My bike throttled on to a safe place when my chain jumped the sprocket the other day. Hub motor.
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    Simon Cowell breaks back falling from ebike

    Is there any possible occurrence that a lawyer wouldn't bring suit if there is the slightest chance of a payout?
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    Throttle ? Yes or no ?

    No throttle, no bueno!
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    Headlight and Taillight

    Should be an on/off on your display.
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    Help finding an etrike/electric tricycle

    I'm curious what you decided on? Some interesting units to look at, I've just gotten started.
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    What happens when your Ebike you ordered on the Internet breaks?

    My Pedego dealer is still in business. At 7,000 miles, I haven't needed him to fix anything yet.
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    USDA Forest Service Wants Comments

    Allow e-bikes and ride-on.
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    Which suspension post for a comfort upright bike

    Wife and I are using BodyFloats.
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    Tire size setting and speed limiter

    So only indicated speed changed?
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    Tire size setting and speed limiter

    Are you saying changing the size down actually increases speed or just indicated speed?