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    Power tube batteries

    We do have some R&M eBikes in stock with the PowerTube battery (SuperCharger and New Charger). R&M was one of the first since they make their bikes in Germany, and Bosch also makes the PowerTubes in the EU so they received them relatively quickly once they were available. I imagine it will...
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    Cobi users

    With the COBI units we have in stock and the version of the app I downloaded from the Google Play Store (free app), all currently advertised features appear to be available and working correctly. I especially like the mapping feature as the "quietest" route option seems to have all of our local...
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    Cobi users

    Here is the official statement from Bosch, in case it helps: Warranty on Bosch eBike components Bosch eBike Systems has investigated the compatibility of the products with the Bosch drive system. This result of this investigation was positive and has shown that the components interact...
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    Cobi users

    I'm glad to hear that the videos have been helpful. Yes, we recently received an e-mail from Bosch stating that they are now officially supporting the use of COBI, so hopefully they will remove the disclaimers soon.
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    Cobi users

    I've been using one for a while now and love it. Feel free to post any questions. You can find my video review here if it helps: Only downside I've found so far is it doesn't work with Nuvinci's H-Sync automatic shifting. (It works with the...
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    It's Official! Riese & Müller New Charger's & Supercharger's are now Available in the US!

    For anyone in Canada, R&M has published the CAD pricing on their website, and of course, we have it on our website as well at A tip - the dual battery SuperCharger seems to be a better value than the NewCharger will dual battery. On the other hand, if you plan on sharing...
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    Riese & Müller Delite review

    I'm glad to hear it was helpful - I had fun doing the video, and it is a great alternative to the Nyon. It will be interesting to see what the future of the Nyon will be now that Bosch owns COBI. I've been really impressed with the mapping data they are using, as it actually has most of the...
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    Riese & Müller Delite review

    I've been using a COBI myself - you can find my video review here: (We are in Canada, BTW, in case you are wondering why the price is higher - it is in CAD.) One of the features I really like is that it can give you audio feedback, so you can ride...
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    Nevo riders...

    I'm probably biased since we sell Riese & Muller, but the Nevo is a fantastic eBike. It is one of our top sellers, and one of my personal favourites. Up until recently, my wife had a Nevo, and I think I rode it as much as her, as I really enjoyed it. (She now has the Homage, which in my...
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    Any Colt owners, a quick question.

    I agree that it would have been good for the pedal to have been replaced by Surface604 under warranty, so hopefully the ones I provided at no charge to you will be suitable replacements. You can use a hex key to tighten them, which I prefer over a pedal wrench but if you run into any problems...
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    Riese & Muller Tinker

    I've updated a number of our R&M eBikes with the eMTB mode, including Tinker, and I love it, but I also miss Sport mode... I think of it as an "automatic" mode since I no longer have to change assistance levels, and I really like that. However, if I want to ride in the equivalent of the old...
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    EMTB Mode is here

    I wonder if this is specific to the OEM, as I've upgraded a few of our Bosch Performance Line CX here and they have both eMTB Mode and Walk Assist still.
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    Can you swap batteries?

    If both bikes are single battery bikes, there shouldn't be any problems, but of course if you have the opportunity, it is always good to get the latest updates for your drive, battery and display.
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    Can you swap batteries?

    Hello! You can find our current price in Canadian dollars for the Bosch 500Wh battery pack here: We can still get the 400Wh, but we don't list it on our site, as the 500Wh isn't that much more expensive and is worth it to get 25% more...
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    Battery on Bosch Performance Shutoff when left in sun?

    Yes, to protect your battery, the Bosch system does have temperature monitoring. It will prevent the battery from being charged or discharged while at extreme temperatures to help prolong the life of the cells in your battery.