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    my online buying experience with a Wisconsin dealer

    This is my experience with a Wisconsin dealer I ordered from. I ordered a new bicycle (haibike and after 10 days of no information from them , I called them and asked for a update and was told that the haibike was moving from California to Denver. they offered a better bike but at more money ...
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    Known Issues & Problems with BULLS Products + Help, Solutions & Fixes

    could you provide more details on the motor cut out. is it cutting out when going uphill , down hill, or just pedaling at the same speed on flat ground at say 10 miles a hour.. also what level of assist and gear & speed will help too.
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    Safely recharging ebike battery from 12v DC outlet in my RV (motorhome)

    ( I've read some places online that say I should make sure to have a pure Sine Wave inverter to recharge the ebike battery. Other places say a modified sine wave inverter is fine. ) you should have a pure sine wave inverter. this is My experience with a modified sine wave inverter ... well...
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    ISO commuter bike, 20 mile round trip

    HAIBIKE SDURO Trekking SL this a a full fenders commuting bike. all set up and ready use for commuting, I've see this bike on sale for $ 2050 with the shipping . this bike has great reviews . has a mid drive which is great for hills.. good luck with your search...
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    Is An Electric Bike Worth It? *Noob alert!*

    well one thing to try would be to rent a bike for a day, their 40 dollars a day here. just trying to help.
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    Joining the Haibike Club

    well I'll be in the { h o c } club soon, just bought one today. so guessing about 10 day for it to get to me . Last year was looking at the rad rover bike online, but I kept thinking i need a full suspension bike, so anyway with sale prices i purchesed SDURO FullNine SL for about 500...
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    Flying with Electric Bike Batteries? Tips and Advice

    what i find amazing is that you would risk the lives of all the other people on the plane,
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    debating wether to jump to another ebike brand~

    well I don't have a ebike , but i like motorcycles, well their kind of like ebikes in that you can't test ride most of them , so you take your chances and buy what you thought was a good product, well it does't work out the way you thought, so now your have a expensive machine that your not...
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    Look of horror when I mention getting an eBike

    I know that when I spend more time outside. i feel better inside. I'm saving up for a ebike myself. i'm a bigger person(240 pounds) and need a full suspension bike due to back issues. I don't care what people think, my bike is a step threw from the 80's, little rusty and looks like a girls...
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    RadWagon bumper bike rack suggestions;

    Aluminum Motorcycle Carrier - 400 lb Capacity motorcycle carrier&oq=aluniun motorcycle&aqs=chrome.4.69i57j0l5.24020j0j8 , as an added bonus of using a motorcycle carrier, you have it if you ever get a...
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    Why Electric Bikes Shouldn't Be Allowed on Mountain Biking Trails?

    well to guess the ebike rider's speed in the campground, i'd say about 20 , but my point is also you could here the motor as he was flying threw the campground, this one sounded like an electric drill . i ride a 3 speed peddle bike, so i have a good reference , yes i'm not an expert, but...
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    Why Electric Bikes Shouldn't Be Allowed on Mountain Biking Trails?

    well, to throw gas on a fire, I had my first experience with an ebike rider, was at a very crowded campground in Michigan,(Lake port state park) walking back from the beach through the trailer sites i see a older guy in bike clothing messing with an older 24 volt ebike , ( it had the battery on...
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    Cross Current lot of good info,,,,
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    Gen2 Bosch tools for dongle

    the reason i asked about weight, in the reviews i see,, court's and others is the the people are skinny, me I'm 240 pounds and worried if it would work good with someone of my heavy size,, I did not want to start a separate thread on it... also wondering about how many miles people have on...