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    First ride report & Low voltage setting for CCX

    The display on my CCX shows 58 volts when fully charged but the battery is actually at 58.8 volts according to my multimeter reading taken directly from the battery pack.
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    New CCX Pictures

    You're welcome @niltohams ;) I'm glad to hear you found a solution to the rack fitment. Happy riding!
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    New CCX Pictures

    I bought the Topeka MTX rack with the intention of using a MTX bag but I have been using Ortlieb Front Roller Classic panniers instead. Good luck on your bag fitment.
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    New CCX Pictures

    Only minimal bending was required when using the stock mounting points as well as the modified ones I was using. I bought the last MTX hardware set on EBay and was not able to locate this kit anywhere else. Let me know how you make out on the installation.
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    New CCX Pictures

    Hi @niltohams, Here are some photos of the rear rack mount on the drive side and the left side Nylon nuts are your friend here. I don't load my rack too heavy so I'm not worried about load capacity.
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    New CCX Pictures

    When I installed the Topeak rear rack I kept the stock rear fender even though I lost an attachment point. I purchased the fender stay kit from Juiced for $12 or $15. It allows you to install additional attachment points for the front and rear. I originally used the stock mounting points but...
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    Juiced Scorpion Indiegogo campaign crosses $1.23 Million in less than 18 hours

    I know Tora is well over 6 ft. I'd like to see a full shot video of him on the bike.
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    How many miles do you have on your ebike?

    1650 miles on my CCX . Odometer reset to zero after 1600 miles.
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    Juiced bike or voltbike or...

    One of the things that sold me on the CCX was the battery capacity (52v and 19.2 AH). The other things were hydraulic brakes, front suspension, fender and rack, powerful headlight, torque and cadence sensor, throttle. The LCD controller also allows cruise control, low voltage cutoff and top...
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    Odometer reset to zero?

    I confirm that the CCX odometer reset after 1600 miles. It did not happen immediately because I watched as the odometer hit 1602 miles. After I restarted the LCD display the odometer reset to zero miles. Now I have to tally how many times it turns over to keep track of the accumulated miles.
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    Schwalbe Marathon Plus a lot worse than stock Kenda tires!

    Thank you for the quick reply!
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    Schwalbe Marathon Plus a lot worse than stock Kenda tires!

    What is the longevity of those Gaadi tubes? Are they as robust as the stock inner tubes? Can they be used full time or are they only meant for temporary use?
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    Mid drive and pedaling

    Be courteous, ride responsibly, use common sense and ride what gives you a grin...throttle or naught.
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    Electric Bike Lights

    I have the stock Juiced CCX headlight rated at 1000 Lumens and the B & M IQX-E light wired in parallel to my 52V battery and have no issues when both lights are activated. I'm not sure what the max amps the system is rated for.
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    Video of my commute

    What about the "Earth" shoes from the 70's