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    Affordable Step Through Bike for City

    Maxfoot Cruiser $1300, you can change handle bars easily. It will fit a pretty big person.
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    Shorter adult: 750W Bafang, step-through, mid-drive, suspension fork

    Good Lord, buy a "Maxfoot" cruiser they have a step through 750 watt cruiser for around $1300 and the Bafang hub drive feeds off a 26 amp controller it will pull you through,why do you think hub drives have more maintenance?( around 13 Ah with 180 mm rotors,, they even have a nice trike for...
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    Why are the e-bike sold only with heavy inefficient fat tires?

    Tried a "Vado" out at "Cardinal" bikes, it peddled easy with no assist and the plump" tires( looked kinda like"Hookworms") Handled grass and pavement easily. I had my eye on the "semi-cruiser" bikes by "Specialized" Man those bikes looked sweet. The "specialized" EMTBs looked mean and ready for...
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    Should I wait or should I buy now

    True those Plus size fat tires on the Sonders will make it harder to peddle unpowered, that being said you can find something with a more reasonable sized tire and a good low rolling resistance rating on the tire itself If you were close by I would let you try out my new Eahora XC100 it weighs...
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    Not really diy more like a complete upgrade

    You could have stuck the 48 volt battery with a proper controller and got more speed, that 11 tooth anything should have give given you more speed( stock units usually start at 14 teeth) I had a 26" FTB that you could go over 30 mph with an 11 tooth freewheel. The DD Motor would have lasted...
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    Gearing change for Moscow

    Controller should be first thing, 15-22 amp controller would probably give the motor all it can use, the best use of limited wattage would probably be mid drive, some of those restricted hub drives are more than likely derated, the Hub drive motor on the XC100 is ridiculously tiny, I do not...
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    NCM Moscow+ from 3x8 to 1x10 and it is awesome!

    Good job, this would probably be good for Me!"Kev Central"(Real name?) has found a nice low cost crank set- cannot recall, which, it looked really good-thanks - $79 USD not bad at all. Kevin
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    A Comparison review for the Rattan Fat Bear Plus vs. Lectric XP

    I had an XP, couldn't get rid of it fast enough, the battery range didn't seem to be very great and it felt, well not top line-Yamee had a year end sale($1149) and I couldn't believe the value for the price point, usable 8 spd, 180 mm disc brakes( hydraulic) fenders ,rack,, my biggest...
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    Gearing change for Moscow

    Any way to bypass that silly cut off point?
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    NCM Moscow+ from 3x8 to 1x10 and it is awesome!

    For only $212 USD you improved the bike to make it a better climber, sounds pretty good( how about doing the cheap end equivalent and telling us what it would cost ?)
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    Will deliver this almost brand new XC 100 Eahora( white) has 4 miles on it, will throw in fenders and rack for $600( need to make room for my new folder) Will deliver within 100 miles.-SOLD
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    Mystery solved

    Will try, thanks.
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    Mystery solved

    Thank you and thats good to know, I have bought a rack for it and it is a whole lot lighter than the 82# cruiser it replaced I have purged my "stable" enough I may just keep it( there is a RR trail about 38 miles away I can try it on, thanks again-its a really nice looking bike.
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    Mystery solved

    It was kind of weird, the bottom of the box had extra tape on it like someone had opened the Box, the dirt on the tire could have been were someone let it rest on a dirty surface, do not expect Lola and me will be doing anymore business, I have had 4 other ebikes and the packaging was first rate...
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    Securing extra battery to Moscow Plus

    each pack has to be charged to the same level, perhaps if the cells are radically different it will not work right( kinda like trying to mix Diesel and gasoline?) It will be nice if we ever get a Hi performance battery that doesn't require cell balancing. And its probably a good idea to use...