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    Super73 S2 Vs Ariel RIder X-Class

    I am thinking to buy one of those e-bikes Super73 S2 or Ariel Rider X-Class. Can someone advise which one is better?
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    RV owner looking for two folding bikes.

    The bike is ugly but specs are very handsome especially considering price tag.
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    Torn between 3 lovelies!

    If you are in Seattle why not consider RadCity or Ariel Rider C-Class. Both of them are in Seattle. If you can afford, better go with Ariel C-Class as it has hydraulic brakes and mid-drive motor and has suspension seat post.
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    What are YOUR reasons for owning an Additional Ebike ?

    I buy second e-bike just for fun. My first e-bike is a cargo bike which I love but don't want to ride all the time. It is heavy and not easy to ride all the time (Yuba). So I bought second one when I am riding for leisure and fun. It is a dual motor ebike . This one isn't a practical e-bike at...
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    Pedego DAPU mid Motor

    Stick with the Pedego e-bikes with Dapu hub motors. Stay away from their mid-drive motors. Last month I talked with Pedego store owner in my city. He told me he even don't want to sell dapu mid-motors as almost all e-bikes return with quality problems. I love Pedego e-bikes but it seems they...