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    We pedal our bikes. Dealers peddle (sell) bikes.

    Correct grammar is necessary to get your point across. Misplaced punctuation, a missing comma or misspelled word can change the meaning of a sentence. If others cannot understand what your trying to say, there is no longer 2 way communication going on! If communication is lost there is no point...
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    Help with a new Ebike purchase

    Being able to deal with someone face to face will always be the preferred method of getting service vs. any online, email or telephone encounter
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    RVer Cruiser or Folding eBike?

    When I was initially looking. I thought I wanted a folder until LBS that sold folders, suggested I buy a folder only if I had no other choice. Buy a folder would limit my choices and I should focus on a bike that fits my size first. Comfort was more important than folding unless folding was an...
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    Help with a new Ebike purchase

    My vote is to not buy any bike site unseen and untested. Why Anyone would by anything as expensive as an Ebike without having specific knowledge of what your getting is beyond me. With that in mind I suggest buying from a LBS. That way you can take test rides and choose the model you like. No...
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    Awesome Two bike platform hitch bike rack...rated for 200 pounds!

    The rack is very sturdy. Maybe not quite as fluid as some of the higher priced brand name racks when it comes to latches, catches and adjustments. But it is a tremendous value for the price. My issue is more with the challenges of securing my step thru frame vs. being any shortcomings with the...
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    Awesome Two bike platform hitch bike rack...rated for 200 pounds!

    I just purchased the same rack. It looks like it will do the job, However I'm going to have to do some mods to secure my 2-step thru's to the rack. I don't think the center lock down will drop down low enough? I have a couple of top tube adapter bars on order, which should resolve my issue. But...
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    Looking to buy a portable folding ebike this month, my first.

    When I got the desire to get an Ebike. The first thing I thought of was a folding bike I could take with me in the RV. Interestingly enough I was advised not to get a folder unless It was absolutely necessary. I was advised the folder had too many limitations in terms of size and that it would...
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    Transporting a large Ebike

    I also purchased the same rack it just arrived. I have not had a chance to try it out yet.
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    Toyota CEO brings up excellent observation about Tesla

    Toyota is just like the others. They are missing the EV boat. Tesla has shown that EV is for real and not something for the drawing board. Tesla has changed the game!
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    Radrover step thru weight limit

    My Pedego step through is rated for 350# with the mag wheel option.
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    Himiway's......LACK of CUSTOMER SERVICE

    Age enforces my verify, before trusting approach to buying expensive items. When I was younger I may have been a little more willing to gamble on a sale. At some point I "wised up" and realized the PT Barnum theory was at times directed towards me!
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    Himiway's......LACK of CUSTOMER SERVICE

    That is the problem with buying a Ebike via the internet for me. An Ebike is too expensive to buy sight unseen. Yes prices are lower via the net but there is no bargain to be had when the sale goes bad. Ultimately the consumer has little recourse but to hope their credit card company will issue...
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    mid drives are not for everyone/throttles are fine

    I think there is value in the discussion as long as everyone keeps an open mind. We need to appreciate the differences in the choices we make. This is a large forum with lots of Ebikers who have a variety of riding styles. As a result there can be a a large variety in equipment choices. I think...
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    Cruiser for my wife - Pedago vs Evelo?

    Yes. I believe those are the models REI house brand E-bikes
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    Cruiser for my wife - Pedago vs Evelo?

    I recently read REI has its own house brand of Ebikes. They also sell other brands. I guess they are still different because they are more than just a bike shop. They are a all around outdoor retailer