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    Bafang BBS02 48V 750W mid-drive PAS Problem

    There is no indication on the display that there is a problem. everything is showing as it should. I checked the connections when I removed the motor everything was tight and there was no sign of pinched wires. Last I heard from the company was it's probably the hall sensor and I will need a new...
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    Bafang BBS02 48V 750W mid-drive PAS Problem

    Recently purchased my first ebike. It's a Rambo Roamer and have been having a problem with the pedal assist. When using the pedal assist I keep using power. It seams totally random. Doesn't make any difference what gear, what PAS setting i use, and it happens at different speeds. I'm pedalling...
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    New to Ebikes what to choose?

    I would like to purchase my first ebike but not sure about what model or make. I'm average size (5'10" & about 170-175lbs.) and am looking for something for recreational purposes mostly crusing around back / dirt roads. I have read that the mid drive motors are better than hub motors but not...