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    Blow out on Magnum Classic Folder $900

    We have over a dozen folding bikes we need to dump to make room for new inventory. These are priced to sell. Shipping not included. Tax is waived. Depending on what state your buying from the tax incentive alone is worth it! Check out link here ->...
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    Looking to get rolling in NY

    Magnum does a good job with the class 3 bikes they offer. Can't go wrong with a 500watt das-kit motor.
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    Overstock on BH Easymotion Bikes over 50% off on some models

    Hey folks, it sounds like you all have had a great experience with us, and i do greatly appreciate the business. Lately we've had a lot of fake, bad reviews on google from the same guy making fake accounts. We were accused of not shipping a bike and the guy asked for a full refund. We had proof...
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    Mid-drive vs hub motor: Experiences

    To give you a retailers perspective on this topic, you would be surprised on what people prefer. After selling over 13,900 ebikes since we've been in business with the majority of ebikes now being mid-drive in the last few years, people still prefer hub-motors. Mid-drive offers a more balanced...
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    Overstock on BH Easymotion Bikes over 50% off on some models

    Hey ebike community, we have some older models of hardtail and full suspension emtb's that may interest you. These models still carry BH's warranty and have all been checked out. I have around 8-10 of each model left so we're just blowing out the prices on them to make room for some newer stuff...
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    Excessive Heat Warning in Wisconsin

    We're having the hottest day we've ever had in a long time and it just got me thinking... Boy is it nice we have ebikes! Moving effortlessly faster provides the much-needed airflow to keep you cool. Just wanted to throw that out there.
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    Recommendations for Basket for Rear Rack

    Milk crates are kind of bulky, they do hold a lot though. Look into those expanding saddle bags that just clip on.
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    Get an EBIKE now at 50% off until 7/04 !!

    He's not a dealer, just noted he came across our sales :)
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    Get an EBIKE now at 50% off until 7/04 !!

    Thanks for supporting us, we helped few big OEMs to unload their closeouts and we have Bosch, Shimano and Yamaha powered bikes at excellent prices. Please do reach out, we would be glad to help you
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    Took a Juiced CampScrambler on trade need it gone

    We had a customer recently trade in a brand new Juiced CampScrambler with the bigger battery. We normally would never take a trade on a brand we do not carry, but we have this sitting around the shop and just need it gone. Based on our research the retail was around $2799 for this model. We...
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    New Atom X Problems - HELP!

    Thanks allot! I'll send him an email
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    New Atom X Problems - HELP!

    Do you know Dennis @ BH's email? I'd like to get some displays for my shop!
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    5 Different eBikes for under $1000

    We can ship to NYC and anywhere in the upper 48 for that matter. We ship 5-6 bikes per day, so sending you an eBike is not an issue. Keep in mind some manufacturers do not allow shipping.
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    Ravi did a featured video on this bike while he was visiting our store. It will be uploaded to youtube shortly and i will link it back in when its ready.