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    RipCurrent S Display Settings ( New Bike )

    Hello Group. I received my new Juiced Bikes RipCurrent S yesterday Tuesday.Great bike Great color I got the Brushed Aluminum. I put the handles bars on and the front tire. The rear tire came flat which is normal I’ve read and I can’t test ride it yet until my new pump arrives from amazon. My...
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    Help with going Tubeless on the Ripcurrent S

    S So you used crumbled up pieces of paper in the tire than inflated it the first time dry ? Than you deflated the tire and removed the paper than did the sealant? I’m asking about the paper because you said paper first than you say rubber chunks! How much of the paper chunks did you use...
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    Help with going Tubeless on the Ripcurrent S

    What is the wide What is the widest tires I can run on a CCS? I like the Maxxis brand tires. What size tape do you use on the rim ? If you used the gorilla tape?
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    The next (new) juiced bike . Juiced scorpion

    Anyone have all the specs on the Hyper Scorpion? I know it has the 1000w bafang motor which has been out for a long time. Will the Hyper Scorpion have a Torque and Cadence sensor? Thumb Throttle? Trigger shifter?
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    Changing the Rim Valve on a Ripcurrent S

    Can the Rim Valve Stem be changed from Schrader to Presta on the Ripcurrent S ? If it can what size Presta valve will work best. I’m changing over to tubeless so I’m liking the pesta Valve better. Thanks
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    Help with going Tubeless on the Ripcurrent S

    Does anyone have suggestions to make the process go smoothly for going tubeless on the RCS and any links to the videos will help. I’ve seen some videos but not on the Fat tire rim type that come on the RCS. I’ve seen where people have many problems getting the tire to seat without leaking. Also...
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    The next (new) juiced bike . Juiced scorpion

    Nice but I don’t like the step through design. I like frame bars across the top
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    The next (new) juiced bike . Juiced scorpion

    Same for me. No adjustability for the seat and Juiced is using the cheapest tourney plastic derailleur and twist gear changer instead of the trigger shifter and a twist throttle instead of a thumb throttle. No throttle only mode also. No torque sensor. Juiced will put those parts on a Hyper...
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    The next (new) juiced bike . Juiced scorpion

    Looks super cool. I like the color a lot. Will it have a Torque sensor and Thumb throttle instead of a twist throttle. What about the gears ? How many gears and will the gear shifter be the trigger shifter type ?
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    CrossCurrent S2 Tires and Tube Size

    Hello and Happy and safe Labor Day weekend. My question is about the CCS2. What is the Widest tire size that will fit on the stock CCS2 rim with adequate room between the forks ( front and rear ) ? Also what tube size would be needed with the wider tire ? Please leave a link to the tires and...
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    Received my allterrain kush Friday

    Congratulations. Did you get the 350W Mid Drive or 750W Rear Hub motor version ?
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    Ripcurrent S availability

    Thanks for your input. What size is your frame ? I’m 6’3” slender build so XL is the size. I don’t like to get a small frame and raise up the seat post all the way up because that’s dangerous. I would get the Ripcurrent non S in X/Large but I read a thread on this site from June and it stated...
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    Ripcurrent S availability

    Does anyone have knowledge when the Ripcurrent S in Brushed Aluminum X/Large will be available. I received a instock notification the day it was supposed to have been in stock I went to the site immediately to buy it but was not available, this was the first or second day in August. Now the...
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    Initial Review on RipCurrent

    Congratulations. In one of your pictures the handlebars look gray / silver ? Aren’t they Black? Did your bike come with fenders and the rack?
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    RipCurrent vs. RipCurrent S

    Hello, Can someone elaborate on the difference between the RipCurrent and the RipCurrent S besides the one has the fenders, rack and larger amp battery. Is there mechanically different or is it just the battery size ? Thanks