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    Questions on how to care for an Ebike

    You bought the bike to enjoy cycling so don't fret about using the entire range If you can avoid fully discharging to the lvc cutoff, and don't constantly fully charge u less you need to On hill u should use the least amount of assist you can handle and pedal in the lowest gear. Higher cadence...
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    Snelheid Cycles Tyro

    Tony has spent too much time in Endless Sphere. Those guys are obsessed with performance instead of reliability, safety and visual appeal. If you're trying to sell retail do NOT Sell an illegal road eBike for public roads (top of the line model) Use unstable Hobby King LiPo batteries Mount a...
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    Anyone with an Electric tandem recumbent trike?

    What a terrific idea! Never even seen a tandem recumbent but it's a great idea to get the disabled on bicycles. And electric assist increases the ride distance and speed. Terrific Wish you well.
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    Simple conversion kit with a small battery (1 hour use time) request

    I have shimano rim brakes on 3 bikes and ride 20-22 mph. They work great. You can buy brand new shimano 105 calipers for $60 a pair on eBay. They are dual spring compression and work very well
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    New Buyer Questions

    Commuting on a bike Or ebike around colleges is a great idea. Either backpack or bike rack. A petite woman riding home late at night 10 miles in good weather or bad sounds like a horrible idea. Any question il be in my cave
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    Another all in one wheel on Kickstarter

    And their ad states the battery is 6ah 24v. 270Wh. Really? I get 144Wh
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    Another all in one wheel on Kickstarter

    There are people left who haven't been cheated by flykly or Copenhagen wheel? There are so many complication with that design it isnt even funny. Dual motors? Detachable covers? All in one heat?
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    Stromer Dealer in Central or South Florida

    Confused? Title says south Florida In ft lauderdale try the electric bike store. Also a shop in Miami beach
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    Got my 1st "cheater" shout today

    I have a few Hey thanks but I'm not a lawyer Smile and wave and say I'm lovin life! Jealous?
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    Copenhagen Wheel Status

    Well that's encouraging Maybe one of those customers can review it here
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    Copenhagen Wheel Status

    They have been repeating the same lies for over a year. I wouldn't buy one now even if they were shipping Waiting until version 2, if there is one
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    12V to 120V charger to use with Stromer

    If you hard wire 10 gage or heavier wire from the battery and use hd connectors to a 750 watt inverter, you should be ok. The inverter is 20% loss and the charger has a 15% loss. And those inverters are over rated so you need a good one Agree with optimal that using a lighter plug for...
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    Sondors Fact Finding. Due Diligence. Scrutiny.

    oh gawd more mud slinging. There are many bikes and bike kits sold that exceed the federal limit on power and or speed. It's the responsibility of the buyer to understand local laws , whether in Europe or New York. Sondors is just the ebike story of the year. Get over it
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    No power -- any ideas?

    Hub motors are pretty resilient in wet weather. I've gone thru some Hlhuge puddles, had momentary cutoff, then powered on once the motor cleared the water
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    Sondors Fact Finding. Due Diligence. Scrutiny.

    20 miles seems right. Bikes are getting a lot of positive feedback. They are everywhere All kinds of owner upgrades personalize the bike. Bike looks great people have no idea it's an econo bike. Great job Storm!