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    Specialized Turbo Vado/Como/Tero User Club

    2 updates today. First, I cracked 1000 miles on my Vado 4.0. I've had it since April and couldn't be happier with it. Im on track for 2000 miles in its first year. 2nd is that I got my panniers that @Stefan Mikes recommended and.. WOW. The quality and attention to detail on them is phenomenal...
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    Specialized Turbo Vado/Como/Tero User Club

    I just found one! Its from a bike shop one state away so it shouldn't even take long to get to me. Thanks for the suggestion, and thank you for posting about it a while back. It looks perfect for what I need.
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    Specialized Turbo Vado/Como/Tero User Club

    Since my last post, I found another one of your posts talking about the e-mate. I can't find one here in the US but now I've fallen down the rabbit hole of Ortlieb bags. The back roller and that organizer insert looks perfect. I think im going to go with that. Those bags look incredible.
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    Specialized Turbo Vado/Como/Tero User Club

    I dug around the thread a little but coudn't find a good answer. What panniers do you guys like? I'm worried about getting one that wont work with the rails on the racktime rack. I don't mind racktime but I had a really bad experience with their HEDA bag where it went into my spokes, broke a...
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    Bafang 1000 watts

    You'd have to swap the controller and probably the display too. At that point, might as well just build the bike from the ground up.
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    Ever think of getting a companion to the XP? Of course you have.

    I think if you are going to "graduate" from an XP, you should look at some bike shop brands. I went from an XP to a Specialized Vado since commuting wasn't great on the XP. The XP still has its place in my garage as my adventure bike, but that's about it. The quality differences between the two...
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    To latch or not to latch

    There is an adjustment screw. Give it a quarter turn and check. Repeat until the latch is very snug.
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    Avg Battery Range

    I constantly get 45-50 miles on a charge on stock eco for my long rides. It depends on headwind and if I am taking anything with me. All fairly flat with a couple hills here and there. I weigh 244 lbs and will carry up to 15 pounds with me. This is on a Vado 4.0.
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    How Does Your Lectric XP Compare to Bigger Wheeled Bikes (26" and Over)?

    Personally, I like the 20x4" tire. I think its actually very nimble and very forgiving in turns. I can really lean into them at higher speeds and feel confident. The rolling resistance and tire availability are both huge factors though. 20x3" tires are much more popular and can even be swapped...
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    Racktime bag gripes.

    I'll have to take a look at these. It sounds exactly like what I am looking for. Thanks.
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    Racktime bag gripes.

    I guess its not directly related to Specialized. Racktime is the brand of rack that came on the back of my Vado.
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    Racktime bag gripes.

    I decided to take advantage of the Racktime rack on my Vado 4.0. I bought a nice Heda pannier to use for my daily commute. I used it for about a month of daily commuting without any issues and then I started seeing all kinds of small things pop up. Seams were starting to tear, holes were...
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    Is Specialized removing 3rd party used battery listings off Ebay?

    I got a great deal on Ebay a few weeks back. A 500Wh used Vado battery for $400. It was from a rental company, the top cover was beat up, but who cares since it's just a backup battery for really long rides. I had a really hard time finding a 2nd hand one off ebay. Every time I would see one, it...
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    Most have seen this review, some have not. This review IS one of the main reasons I decided on Lectric eBikes

    There is ALWAYS a nicer bike and ALWAYS someone who will let you know what bike that is. The trick is to find one that you like and stop listening to what other people think about YOUR bike. It helps when companies like Lectric come out with a bike that offers a lot for the money. There will...
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    Most have seen this review, some have not. This review IS one of the main reasons I decided on Lectric eBikes

    For $900 I dont think you can find a better (new) ebike. Put it up against my Vado 4.0, and there's no contest. Even compared to bikes that are $1500-2000, its shortcomings are magnified. I'd say it can punch against brands like Radpower and Ride1up who offer bikes in the $1500 range though...