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    Ebike counting ... how many today?

    I'm in Minneapolis MN. The path right off my deck connect to over 50 miles of dedicated bike paths within the city limits. Minneapolis is frequently voted best cycling city in the US. We seem to flip flop the honor with Portland.
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    Ebike counting ... how many today?

    My deck overlooks a bike path in the city and i easily see a dozen or more on any given day.
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    RV Traveling Couple with Haibikes

    Hey Taras - nice seeing your post here. Looking forward to seeing you guys when you are in MN next month
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    Help please with choosing a bike for rail trail commute

    @MichBruns - the Juiced CCS has a large following on this board and is a great commuter. Though it is an upright and likely a bit large for you, though the step-through version is said to be for 5’2” and up. I am in MPLS and you would be welcome to ride it if you would like.
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    $19.00 repair stand

    Link please. And tell us how you like it when you have a chance to use it
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    Trail Pictures - Juggernaut Ultra FS

    I took a few pictures during my ride yesterday. For being in the flat Midwest, we have some nice trails throughout the state thanks to MORC (MN Off Road Cyclists) and the Loppet foundation. This trail is less than 2 miles from my house and right in the middle of the city (Minneapolis). I can't...
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    Minnesota new fat tire ebike owner

    Welcome, where in MN are you from? I’m in MPLS and have two ebikes, one being a fattie.
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    Who rides in the winter?

    I find my hands and feet need the most protection for Minnesota winter riding. For hand protection I use 45NRTH Cobra Fist and for feet I use Steger Mukluks. They are expensive but well worth the cost.
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    Saw a Black CCS in MPLS at Crave west end 8/2/18

    Bump for the black ccs sighting
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    Greetings, another newcomer here - CCS hopefully on the way soon

    Welcome, I think you’ll like the ccs. I went the opposite route as you. First purchased a CCS and then recently a Biktrix Juggernaut with the Bafang ultra mid drive. Im greatly enjoying both. I’d be interested in hearing a review from you on the different drives.
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    Juggernaut Ultra FS - Initial Impressions

    My Juggernaut Ultra FS arrived last night and I took it out for a short ride this morning and thought I would share some impressions. Time from order to receiving was only 9 days. This included sitting in customs over the weekend and Monday. The box arrived in excellent condition with no...
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    Full suspension Ultra bike!

    @dugg914 - did you not mount the front headlight on your bike. Mine arrived today and is charging now.
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    Full suspension Ultra bike!

    @dugg914 - glad to hear you are enjoying it. I just got word mine shipped today. I originally was going to wait and get the ultra (non FS) when it came back in stock, but with all the uncertainty of tariffs, I decided to get the FS since it was in stock. I ordered the 20ah battery, wren...
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    Full suspension Ultra bike!

    I pulled the trigger today and bought the juggernaut ultra FS. I'll now have four conventional bikes and two e-bikes :cool: I've never enjoyed riding my conventional fat bike because they are so slow and heavy, riding through snow makes it even harder. An e-Fat bike seems like the perfect...
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    Full suspension Ultra bike!

    @dugg914 - now that you’ve had the bike a bit over a month how about an update? I’m probably going to order one later this week, I’m trying to decide whether to upgrade to the wren fork and hydraulic brakes. I already have a CCS for commuting and this will be my winter fun toy.