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    New battery for BH EMotion Neo causing battery level display problem

    I have a 2013 Jumper. Like you (My wife has a Jet 12amp battery) that I use. Ride every day and the display turned off at 2 bars on the original 9amp Full charge does the same thing no flashing the display off although the bike runs OK. Using My wife's battery shows no problems I have decided...
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    a little give at the joint

    Lifting the bike by the seat post on my 2013 Jumper I noticed a minor "give" at one of the many joints in the back of the bike. It is EVER so light making it hard to determine were it could or may be loose. Im thinking its the lower joint above the pedal crank. Should there be a little give of...
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    Am I a hypocrite?

    Many Bike paths in California, they may follow a Drainage wash, Coast line, City lines. I would define them as a path shared by walkers, runners and slower travel, normally they are detached from any roads or streets, Bike lanes are "Painted" or shared with other motor vehicles either an entire...
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    Am I a hypocrite?

    Looks like he may have been legal, although, I know he was going 30+, He was in a bike lane with a helmet
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    Am I a hypocrite?

    Rode up to the upper lake last spring in Mammoth Lakes California with my Jumper. The grade was so steep coming down I felt it to be much safer riding on the highway lane then ride the bike path. Discovered the display cuts off at 35 MPH, NOT A GOOD FEELING going down hill at that kind of speed...
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    Am I a hypocrite?

    Cant help to think he's digging that hole deeper to all the eBike nay sayers and just making them dislike us all that much more,
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    Am I a hypocrite?

    Always arguing with others, the eBike is more a "helper" than a Free Ride mode of transportation. On days my wife and I ride, assist will be used when needed, we enjoy the option that we can free pedal on our rides. I find no issues riding 70 miles and only using one or two bars. We live in a...
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    Riding with no battery on the Jumper

    May sound like a weird question, every few weeks I only have a small commute of a mile. security is not the best, I like to have my bike in the same office as me. but I will be able to lock it behind closed and locked doors for the day. For those extra small commutes, one way is almost a pedal...
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    Remove Easy Motion

    I even have a 2001 Mercedes ML320 with peeling clear coat on the hood, masked it off, wet sand with some drywall sand paper, and hit it with a can of PD, no more than 5 minutes TOTAL! Its a truck and it looks a lot better than it did......only need 1 layer, if you masking, take the tape off...
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    Remove Easy Motion

    its still holding... I peeled my wifes off in 10 seconds, really is pretty good and at less than 6 bucks at WallyWorld
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    So how old is that "Banana"

    May be my imagination but the battery of my 2013 9amp battery may be showing signs of its age. last week the upper half seemed very warm, not hot, just very warm. I had never had this happen and it hasn't happened since. I called Easy Motion and was told some dealers can test the battery, on one...
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    We Helped Break The Record!

    Over 300 bikes, there were less than 10 bikes that weren't Pedegos, (We had 2 of the 3 Emotion Bikes), This day went off great, They did a great job (Perego) on making for a fun ride. "Hear that guys from Easy Motion? "Just down the freeway...
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    Stop hating ebikes

    Took my grandson out, he used my wifes Jet