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    Specialized Turbo Issue

    GeePee - Just a quick question - are you riding the original Turbo S or the new Turbo? I've never run into that situation in personal experience, and I am a 260b rider, I have done rides with 3,000+ ft of climb and similar headwinds to what you describe and have never run into the issue with...
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    Schlumpf Speed Drive

    IIRC, motor assist will cut around 28mph or 30mph on an ST1 Platinum, so higher gears will only help you increase speed on human power alone (since a 50/11 on 26"x2" wheels will top out around 32mph @ a cadence of 90rpm. To exceed 45mph you would have to be pedaling a 60/11 gear at 110 rpm+. I...
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    Need to Complain for a Minute

    86 - Agree with your premise. The fact remains, however, that certain bike dealers (Specialized and Felt) have a very limited distribution network by choice. They usually have only one dealer in most metro areas, and are likely wary to commit to someone who doesn't go all-in on their product...
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    First ebike for recreation

    Dawn, in my opinion the most important factor is fit and comfort. If you aren't comfortable on the bike and it doesn't fit, you won't ride it. There are a couple of ways to figure that out. First, test rides should be more than 5 minutes, if possible. See if the shop will let you put a...
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    Specialized Turbo - only Eco and Turbo modes only

    Marko - easy one first - the default circumference yields distance measurements accurate when compared to GPS over a distance of 30+ miles, so I don't think there is much improvement there. It will be off by maybe 1/10 of a mile at that distance. As for pairing the battery (on a...
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    Specialized Turbo - only Eco and Turbo modes only

    Marko: I avoid avg speed because you pair the battery from that screen and I am just in the habit of being somewhere else when I start mashing buttons so I don't unpair the battery. Brambor - looks like Spesh finally put a revised manual up. Here is what I found...
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    Realistic mileage for Neo 36v 9amp models

    Always love your videos, Peter. Thanks for sharing!
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    Proposal: Removing the Deals Section of EBR Community

    Without knowing any discussions you may have had on the topic with manufacturers or dealers, it is hard to know what balance to strike, but I can offer a user-opinion. I feel like a dedicated place, like 86 mentioned is is fine with me. If dealers violate their agreements with distributors...
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    Specialized Turbo - only Eco and Turbo modes only

    I don't notice the lack of modes too much. ECO is configurable as a % of Turbo (default is 30%), so it gives you some customization options if you are trying to balance range. You can change it on the display in under a minute after you do it once or twice. Procedure (on a 2013, not sure...
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    What is most important when selecting an eBike?

    Quality Power Weight Range Cost
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    Maximum width tire on the Specialized Turbo

    700x45c is roughly 1.75" to 1.8". The manual lists compatible tires at 700x47. I have the fenders on, and there is no additional clearance with those. Check out Peter White for some studded options (I am going by some of your other posts on the purpose). They have a 700x54c studded. May...
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    OK...I like all the new bikes coming out...but are the "Bells & Whistles" worth it?

    PowerMe - flyaway is right to advise you to contact a reputable dealer and go through a match process with someone that has a lot of experiences with different models. As far as being a cyclist: you pedal a bike, you are a cyclist. Period. Don't go down the rabbit hole of believing that...
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    Love the New Review Format

    Court - Great job on the new review format. I love the collapsed specification sections and the new 10 point scale with a brief narrative explaining the score decision. Kudos.
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    Just ordered my Volton A.500

    Congrats Kaldeem! Be sure to give us the full low down when you get the bike. It is exciting to see so many people go through the purchase decision and hear the great stories when they get their new bike!
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    Neo Race on a Bike Tour

    Just got back from my bike tour mentioned in this thread: It was 8 days in the Michigan UP. It was a lot of fun and I ment a gentleman named Roger who completed the tour on a Neo Race. He...