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    RadRover handlebars

    Looks Sweet! It looks like your display is showing the grass in front of you???... Maybe just reflections... :) What tire is that on the front in the last picture? Mark -
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    Should I change the fork on the Radrover?

    Are you serious? You'd spend $800.00 to buy a front fork that provides marginal improvement to your ride? I guess you have more disposable income than I have, because my fork works fine... If I was to spend $800.00 on my ride I'd buy a 3KW motor and controller, now THAT would make a differance...
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    Would like to go faster!

    The RR has an aluminum frame, but I'm thinking it's plenty stout. However I don't think I'd want to go 40 MPH on a bicycle... :-)
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    Looking For A 2 Bike Carrier

    Good feedack, thanks. I've sent an E to Northwood Mfg. and asked how much weight my Arctic Fox 22GQ can support on it's bumper. I haven't heard back from them yet, but the concensus of opinion (locally) is that it will only support 50 or 60 pounds. So I'm now looking into trailer frame...
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    Looking For A 2 Bike Carrier

    I heard back from Katie M. at recently. She included this link: (Link Removed - No Longer Exists) It will meet my requirements of a 2" receiver hitch mount, will mount 2 bikes with fenders, will carry the weight, and the accessory fat tire kit will accept up to 5" wide tires...
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    What's the deal with racks and fenders?

    You might try a search... Or: :-) Mark -
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    Does anybody use their throttle?

    Recently I've been riding while my 87 year old Mother walks her dog. We go for about a mile and a half, and at a slow dog sniffing speed. I use throttle and low gear pedaling exclusively because we're going so slowly. My back won't allow me to walk that far, but I can still participate with...
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    Rad Power, how is it so in-expensive

    I have no experience with other E-Bikes, but I have biked for decades. After a couple back surgeries I wanted to get back on a bike. The RadRover seemed like the perfect ride for me. I've got a little over 50 miles on it and couldn't be more pleased. All the components work perfectly...
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    Looking For A 2 Bike Carrier

    Hmmm, I may have to take my fenders off...
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    Looking For A 2 Bike Carrier

    Hi 86, do you have Rad Rovers with 4" tires and fenders? Which model of 1up hitch do you have? Mark -
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    Looking For A 2 Bike Carrier

    Thanks for the replies. So, it looks like I'm going to have to spend at least 400 bucks to get one that will hold the weight. It also looks like I may have a hard time finding a carrier that will work with 4" wide tires, and fenders...
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    Looking For A 2 Bike Carrier

    I want one that fits a 2" receiver hitch, so I can move the carrier from my truck to my trailer, or car. It needs to support around 100 pounds. 60 pounds for the RR and another 25 or 30 for my wife's Trek mountain bike. Right now I'm laying them on their side in the back of my pickup with a...
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    How many of you bought this bike sight unseen?

    I bought my RR sight unseen in December last year. I got excited about E-Bikes a few months earlier after riding my son's Sonders E-bike. Even though it is less powerful, has less battery life, no display and only one speed, I saw E-Bikes as a way I could ride with my wife again even after my...
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    Ibera PackRack Bag and IB-RA5

    I see that there are many different panniers that will fit this rack, so you could carry a lot of stuff if you wanted to... :-) Mark -
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    Ibera PackRack Bag and IB-RA5

    You could do some shopping, 17 liters isn't all that big. I have my huge heavy Kryptonite chain and lock in it and there is room for maybe a 6Pack. I'm thinking of not packing the chain and going on rides with my wife this summer. We can pack tools, iPad, and plenty of lunch stuff... Mark -