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    PAS Lag After Downhill

    My Raleigh Retroglide does the same thing. I think it must be normal. I have a throttle on mine and it takes a while to kick in as well.
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    It's fire season again

    Another by product of California fire's is the smoke. Las Vegas gets nailed every time. Our sky's are white to beige and horrible air quality.
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    Dead after 13 miles

    I own a lipo battery business and ship lipos all the time. You can ship up to 4 - 5s 5000 in a box with no label. Thats equal to a 10s 5 ah. The cell voltage needs to be 3.7 or less as well. That's the other rule. So discharge your pack before shipping. If you have a bigger battery than that...
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    New LMT’d - who’s in?

    I own both styles. The torque requires more work on my part. The cadence only requires moving the pedals and no effort. No contest. They both get you up the hill.
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    New LMT’d - who’s in?

    Crohnie A torque sensor needs you to put a lot of pressure on the pedals to get the full power of the assist level your in. A cadence sensor just needs you to move the pedals to get the full power. So easier to climb hills with a cadence sensor.
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    How big a market for step through?

    ST are mostly purchased by elderly who don't want to swing there leg up high. ST are not down hill bombers nor are they going to be ridding that way. I have a Raleigh retroglide ST and I had it up to 30 mph down a long steep hill and I never felt like the bike was unstable. Today's ebikes look...
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    How big a market for step through?

    I only ride step through and will second the looks of the new Sondors ebike. Integrated battery on a step through is dream bike. Throttle is a must as well as 28 mph capability.
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    Ariel Rider D Class or Juiced Bikes HyperScorpion?

    The HyperScorprion is more of a throttle bike and not really a bike to pedal around and get exercise. It has pedals but there not going to be fun to push. If you want a bike so you can get exercise, I would look elsewhere.
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    I sure would like to have some suggestions and advise.........

    Better than taking the tire off I am going to get some of those inner tubes that are split. You only have to take the tire off the rim and cut the old tube off and replace with new tube.
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    ~50 lbs, full featured Watt Wagons City Commuter! Class 3 with throttle, $3199, optional electronic shifting, shipping July !

    Sorry not familiar with the mixte term. Glad to see it means what I want.
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    ~50 lbs, full featured Watt Wagons City Commuter! Class 3 with throttle, $3199, optional electronic shifting, shipping July !

    Nice bike Pushkar. Your bikes have been out of my price range until now. I will have a $3500 max budget and that now puts you in the running. It will be early next year before I will be ready but I'm paying attention now to whats out there. I don't need extra battery but would like a step...
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    Once more into the attempt to understand (not judge) throttle vs. mid-drive torque sensing -

    I have a Raleigh retroglide beach cruiser style bike with mid drive motor, cadence sensor and throttle that got added on. When you come to a stop, you need to down shift to the appropriate gear. For me it's second gear. It comes easy what to do once you do it a few times. I can start off easy...
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    Tern HSD line vs. Cruiser style - which one???

    I ride a Raleigh retroglide beach cruiser and it suits me just fine. I follow along behind my wife who rides in the 8 to 12 mph range. The upright position is great if you want to enjoy the ride and the scenery. If I was in a hurry a more leaned forward bike would be better. But I'm not.
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    BBSHD Controller Burnt Out?

    When most electronics burn up, they smell. If you can't smell anything when you put it up to your nose. Good chance it's not burnt. But not 100%
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    Misleading Motor Information

    Size of motor has little to do with it. A motor the size of a walnut can produce 750 watts. The torque is what gets you up the hill. Bolton came up with a bigger version of a 750 watt motor which gave you more torque over the smaller one. Nobody is deceiving anyone. There just isn't a reliable...