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    Frustrated and need help with battery shipping

    I ship lipos almost everyday. I would never ship and be responsible for someone else used battery pack. When a customer gets a bad battery from me, I never ask them to ship it back.
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    Suspension seat post - Kinekt

    Had to do with leaning forward to much and nothing to do with the seat post. But I did raise my seat when I got mine so that is why I needed to raise my bars.
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    Suspension seat post - Kinekt

    I have the NCX seatpost and going from nothing to this, it's been great. Highly recommend them if your on a budget. I have no doubts the Kinect is better at picking up the smaller bumps. But I too had neck and back pain at first. The fix was raising my handlebars so I wasn't leaning forward as much.
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    Why aren't there quick chargers for ebike?

    The problem I see is the cheap chargers just don't last as long. They may be fine for not causing fires, maybe, but why buy a cheap charger and possible have it die right before a ride. I don't like buying twice. I paid a lot of money for my bike and don't like going cheap on important...
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    Why aren't there quick chargers for ebike?

    Ravi Over in the RC world a German student did a good article on lithium batteries. Do you see anything wrong with what they are saying here. He talks about the packs needing to be warm if you want to charge at a higher level. It's a long read but I would like your expert opinion on this...
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    Why aren't there quick chargers for ebike?

    The grin charger is the best we have for the amp rating it does. Bosh and others are slowly coming out with higher amp chargers. None are cheap though but there is a reason for that. Quality components are costly and considering what a fire can do to your home, I don't want to risk saving money...
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    Why aren't there quick chargers for ebike?

    Because of the garbage chargers that customers have bought from them that turned out bad. Not saying they will all be bad but I wont recommend them unless there supported in the US. Lipo fires are real and no sense in rolling the dice on cheap crap. Just my thoughts on the matter.
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    Why aren't there quick chargers for ebike?

    The satiator does pretty good at 8 amps but BMS systems can cut that down to 5 amps. So whats the point if your system can't take it. I've said before many times the packs can take a higher charge than whats being done. I'm sure price has something to do with it also as a higher amp chargers...
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    Maxed out on PAS 3

    Sounds to me like you might have a bad battery. Also a cold battery will suffer and have less power and range. Not sure that's whats happening here but it really sounds like a dud battery to me.
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    ebike withdrawal

    Here in Vegas I have hung up the shorts and gone to jeans and a sweat shirt. Brrr
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    I am thinking of buying a Trek Verve + ?

    My wife has a Raleigh bike with the Bosh active line + motor and it will easily climb any hill with her or me on it. Saying it's weak is like saying my 750 Honda feels stronger than your 250 Yamaha. Yes it's a weaker motor than the CX. So what. Not everybody needs there bike to feel like a...
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    Dual Hub Ebike Batteries

    Speed will be the same technically. You will be adding torque so better hill climber. One motor can't spin faster than the other .
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    New 2019 RadRover Ordered

    It's actually against the law to ship batteries fully charged. They need to be 50% or less state of charge.
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    Megavalanche Haibike allmontain

    I saw in a video where the guy stated the extra weight of an ebike helped make the bike feel more planted on the downhill.