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    New ebiker. About to buy. But nothing available

    I have had Ride1up 700 for 2 months, 500 miles on it and like it a lot. Will recommend that you strongly consider it.
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    Mid-Drive motor commuter bike

    Also check out Bafang m600 motor.
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    Bixtrix v Ride1U?

    I paid $100 here in NYC.
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    Bixtrix v Ride1U?

    Great pick. You will love it. FWIW I got the bike shipped directly to a local bike shop, that built it for a reasonable price. It was great to just pick up the bike and ride. Also got peace of mind that the bike is tuned up. The bike shop also has been helpful as I make other changes to the bike...
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    Bixtrix v Ride1U?

    I have Ride1up 700 and really like it. Agree with others that 500 could be a good buy for you. My only other thought is to not wait. I got it a month ago and love going out everyday.
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    Conversion of FLX Trail to commuter

    I really like f5 trail. Feels like super moto 2.4 should be a standard tire. I have also asked them if they can do this will swept handlebar and adjustable stem of step through 2.0. Would make for a nice comfy commuter bike that can also do light trails.
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    Looking for under 2.5K Torque Sensor Ebike

    That looks like a nice bike.
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    Help with recommendation - mid vs hub, etc.

    Agree. If I have done a 20 mile ride, I feel there maybe cumulatively a mile or two in there when I exceed 25mph. Mostly I find myself between 18 to 23.
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    Help with recommendation - mid vs hub, etc.

    See here my review of 700. I had probably tried mid-drive bike from every known manufacturer out there before I concluded that for my use case hub drive is better.
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    Help with recommendation - mid vs hub, etc.

    Not sure. I got 700 in ST frame. It says for 5’ to 6’2”. I am 5’11” with 33” inseam. I have never felt that the bike is too small. I don’t even have the seatpost at the highest setting. One upgrade I suggest is suspension seatpost. I spent $100 on Suntour. So worth it.
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    Help with recommendation - mid vs hub, etc.

    That’s true. Even with motor providing 500w of power I have no trouble getting Upto 28mph. And it still feels very leisurely. I don’t know about juiced but in ride1up you can configure how much assist you want at each level.
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    Help with recommendation - mid vs hub, etc.

    I personally don’t think you need more than 750w. On my 700, 80% plus of my riding is with motor pumping out about 300w of power. I don’t ever feel the need for more. It makes biking super leisurely and you feel like bike is just cruising. On a rare occasion I may go Upto higher assist and use...
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    Help with recommendation - mid vs hub, etc.

    Given your use case, huh drive sounds fine. This board will def steer you towards mid-drive. Mid-drive has its advantages but it’s not a slam dunk winner in all cases. So for hub drive look at 1. Ride1up 700 or limited - I have 700 and I like it a lot. If limited was in stock I would have...
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    2,500 (2,650) mile review 700

    @Bikeman @GenXrider what voltage settings are you using?
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    Frey CC vs Frey AM1000 vs Frey EX Pro?

    What delivery date did they give you? Did you customize cc? I’d stick with cc personally.