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    'Zen Skunkworks' - a new model in the development (to be priced at $1990 for an outstanding value)

    Suggestion: Since the other model is a diamond frame, if this new model were a step-through or had a dropper seat-post the market to a number of seniors would be opened up.
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    Segway to stop production

    Interesting history regarding Segway. Dean Kamen was an entrepreneur / inventor (an earlier Elon Musk?). Kamen took credit for numerous innovations including the insulin pump which was reputedly developed by a couple of Yale doctors using Kamen's miniature motor. Based on his reputation, Kamen...
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    "Magnetic" documentary on Netflix

    "Magnetic" is an amazing documentary on Netflix about extreeme sports and locals. Short segment about alpine ebiking on Trek mtg bikes.
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    Math quiz; Who is right?

    My idea of hell is being chained to a desk forced to do homework with the ghost of my father continually berating me. Being a banker would be close. I am semi-retired tax lawyer. Liked it a lot more in the old tax shelter days, creative and transaction oriented. Unfortunately the practice has...
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    2020 : Our Rides in Words, Photos, Videos & Maps

    Posted image of Las Vegas Strip from Western beltway trail. Also images from Connecticut, which we just returned to, showing last of Spring blooms.
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    Math quiz; Who is right?

    5! = 5 factorial = 5x4x3x2x1= 120
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    Looking for Lightwieght Bikes with Bafang

    Newly announced Watt wagon. ~50 lbs, full featured Watt Wagons City Commuter! Class 3 with throttle, $3199, optional electronic shifting, shipping July ! Thread
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    Specialized’s ultra-light 120-mile range e-bike - Turbo Vado SL

    Seems to be a hot item with its target demographic. My son, an acoustic bicyclist who's looking for his 1st ebike, just received the following communication: "...At this time, we’re not anticipating stocking the Vado SL, though we have already special ordered some for customers. These bikes...
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    Ebike vs Escooter for delivery

    Factors include the law and regulations in your State and city. A scooter being heavier my be more secure from theft , can carry heavier lock and chain, harder to walk away, etc.
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    E-scooter rider BUSTED for operating without licence & insurance

    Discussion reminds me of assault rifle ban debate. Pro regulatory side seems to want to call it an assault rifle if it looks like a military weapon, whether or not it has the features of the military weapon, AR-15 vs. M16. They would also ban something that didn't so resemble, if it had say...
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    Inexpensive insurance option for State Farm policyholders

    I have had 3 incidents over the years, where checking the policy paid off: 1. My son's bike was stolen from his off campus house; because it was not a dorm, the agent said it was not covered. I did not read the policy that way, so I told the agent to get lost, I would handle the claim myself...
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    Tell us about your handles and avatars and why you chose them

    My handle is a character in an old bridge book. He partnered with a Miss Martini. In college I majored in cards, with minor in sex, drugs and rock n roll. Now majors include family and insomnia. Bridge is mainly online.
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    City commuter step-thru ebikes with a twist throttle?

    Have owned this Predego for 5 years with no issues or problems. A tad expensive based on comparables, but reliability worth the extra dollars.
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    advice : $2k budget for a torque sensor upright relaxed 2-3 inch tires

    Check out the biktrix Swift, 1000 Watts, upright, torque or cadence, rear hub, about $1,800. New model so no reviews, but company has a good reputation.
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    Go ahead. Name my e-trike. I dare you!

    Based on the NH motto: Live Geen or Dye