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    New ebike rider looking for a pair of bikes for wife and I

    Several years ago Court did a video about his riding in Cabo. As I recall some of the sandy dunes were hilly and most of the fat tire bikes were hub drives. The key was reducing tire pressure.
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    Math quiz; Who is right?

    Given the "normal" order of calculations, they were BOTH right. 120 = 5! My apologies to anyone who is unfamiliar with factorials.
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    Math quiz; Who is right?

    PhD from UNLV in probability and gambling theory.
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    Math quiz; Who is right?

    Weather is a little cold here, so I'll stick to high-low poker for now. [hint]
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    Math quiz; Who is right?

    Harvard PhD candidate wanted to know where the PhD was from.
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    Math quiz; Who is right?

    Who is right? 230 - 220 ÷ 2 = I say it is 120 A math PhD says it is 5!
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    Any interest in a Bosch based Ultimate Commuter Pro ?

    Agree, I believe the liability issue will merely mitigate and delay the trend towards consolidation.
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    Any interest in a Bosch based Ultimate Commuter Pro ?

    My thoughts on the Chris's video and Mike's post. Mike and others consider Bosch to be price gouging on batteries. Chris compares the ebike business to air conditioners years ago after which there was a large consolidation of manufacturers. Although very unlikely, there is a chance for a...
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    Ebikes green?

    Ebikes are touted as environmentally friendly, since commuting, errands, etc. Without a car reduces carbon emissions and alleviates urban congestion. As a recreational rider, perhaps not so green compared to walking, riding an analogue bike slower or alternative forms of exercise. Ebiking...
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    My Thoughts on Mid Drive..Hub Drive and Throttle

    My preference is for a throttle with a quick removal/reinstall feature in case I encounter a trail limited to Class 1.
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    Yet another "help me decide" post.

    You might look at the BH city bike currently on clearance at Crazy Lenney's for $1,380.
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    Brooks saddles sale on Amazon In the $70+ range
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    More e-bike inconsistencies in NYC

    From the article I heard yesterday, NYC seems to be encouraging small electric delivery vehicles (ebikes) below 60th St in Midtown Manhattan. The plan includes designation 1000 parking spots for such vehicles. This may be indication an attitude change in NYC as they try to deal with congestion...
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    Friends and Family Sale (liquidation?)

    FRIENDSFAMILY2019 or FRIENDSFAMILY2019-S code, Cortland or Porteur $1,9996, S models $1,399.
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    Citibike set to relaunch eBikes in NYC

    I am also concerned about even decent ebikes being rented in the wrong areas. Having grown up in NYC and a frequent visitor, I admire the skill of bike messengers and delivers in Midtown. I wouldn't last long; and even at their skill level these are dangerous occupations. It might be better...