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    Error Code 25

    An ebike Error 25 message is code for Brake Abnormality. It's more likely your brake is being pressed. Find answers to all your support questions at
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    Error code 30

    If you see all of the assist lights flashing on the display, and the bike shuts down or displays ERROR 30, there may be a communication problem between the controller and display. How To Troubleshoot Wallke Electric Bike Error code 30 Problems? 1. Unplug the sensor connector and restart the...
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    Switch front and rear hand brake

    I will suggest my colleague to provide a detailed step-by-step explanation or video about switching the brake. Thank you for your great suggestions.
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    Advanced settings screen

    Click here to know more:
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    Thank you to Wallke Customer Service!

    I will forward your comment to Robert. I think he will be happy to know that👻
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    UPCOMING REVIEW - 2021 Wallke X3 Pro

    Sorry about the inconvenience. We do not sell the rear rack for the time being.
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    UPCOMING REVIEW - 2021 Wallke X3 Pro

    Hey Everyone! I'm super excited to share a Preview video with you.
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    Wallke X2 Pro user manual

    Thank you for choosing Wallke eBike. Please take the time to read the entire Instruction Manual carefully before using your wallke X2 Pro. See more in the below link:
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    Unboxing and Build Video

    Short and easy to understand. A great unboxing video☑️!
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    Wallke Owner's Group on FB

    Feel free to join Wallke eBike owners group on Facebook.
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    Shattered Key Disp

    X3 Pro Replacement Display: Compatible with: Wallke X3 Pro Hope it helps
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    Known Issues & Problems with Wallke Products + Help, Solutions & Fixes

    When you apply the brakes, the WPA regeneration can be activated. It could have a significant impact on its overall operating condition. e.g: the causes of equipment(motor and controller) failure
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    Wallke X2 Pro User Manual

    =AZUjXyNTzvrPmMQ84LaQzLa-3XUwcQU-rqmruZrAY-6no2fvkI1-UWYLLzgPIRGs9Dsh001-gmFbMGOPqa5janw5DV3D4MzZvcq8Btjg26qGFw4Y_Ojwks5R3_rn5WadIhJ2nJFisjsaoyLSyao4ZGhC&__tn__=*NK-R']#usermanual Dear Wallke Riders, Thank-you for choosing an Wallke X2 Pro. Please read this Wallke X2 Pro manual carefully...
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    My Mullet Wallke

    I think the likelihood of problems increases as the distance you drive increase🚴‍♂️ Stay safe and take care
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    Wallke X3 Pro sold on Amazon for 2k

    There must be some misunderstanding. The 2021 Wallke X3 Pro will come with the rack and fenders.