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    Display shows 16W at all times when bike is idle

    E-bike parts are in High Demand this time. The parts may vary depending on the ongoing supply chain constraints in the eBike market. In some cases, you will receive the different brand of replacement parts. Please don't concerned all parts have been carefully inspected to ensure they equal the...
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    Wallke Aniioki A7 Pro

    Electric Vehicle reviewer EVS tried out the A7 Pro, and was super-impressed by this bike! Check out the below review: Max @wallkeebike
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    Wallke Aniioki A7 Pro

    Unfortunately, at this time we do not ship to Europe. Hopefully as the business grows we can have a chance to showcase Wallke eBike products to the Europe market. Leider versenden wir derzeit nicht nach Europa. Hoffentlich haben wir mit dem Wachstum des Unternehmens die Chance, Wallke...
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    Wallke Aniioki A7 Pro

    I'm glad to know your thoughts on this bike. We think a foldable model opens a world of possibilities for travel because you can put your bike in the car and travel to places that are too far away to ride any bicycle to, like mountains, or a beach. And dual suspension with a great seat will make...
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    Wallke Aniioki A7 Pro

    If you was still wondering about Wallke Aniioki A7 Pro, remember to check out the below road and beach test ride review: Max @wallkeebike
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    Wallke Aniioki A7 Pro

    The Wallke Aniioki A7 Pro unboxing and assemble video is live now. See what's inside the box of a new Wallke A7 Pro and how to assembly it. Know more: Max @wallkeebike
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    Display shows 16W at all times when bike is idle

    The 16W you mentioned indicates standby power consumption. When you causes the system to resume from standby, e.g. presses the power button, it is immediately turned on and they are restored to their normal, active operating modes. The standby power consumption was caused by the...
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    upgrading wallke x3 pro chain

    3rd party tensioner/guide:
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    Wallke Aniioki A7 Pro

    We're mapping out the unboxing& assemble review and initial in-depth review for the A7 Pro. We'd like to get that out in next 2-3 weeks. Remember to subscribe us for the lastest news, sales, new releases, and more. Max @wallkeebike
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    Pas stopped working after just two rides.

    We would like to get this experience turn around. If you could send us your DM/email with your order number we can connect you with our team. Max @ wallkeebike
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    Advanced settings screen

    Pace500 Step through comes with a backlit LCD display- M5. Please make sure your newer color display is compatible with your eBike controller. how to get into those Advanced settings(M5)? Hold up and down keys for 5 seconds.
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    Is it possible to install X2 wheels on the X3?

    It is possible.
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    Error Code 25

    An ebike Error 25 message is code for Brake Abnormality. It's more likely your brake is being pressed. Find answers to all your support questions at
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    Error code 30

    If you see all of the assist lights flashing on the display, and the bike shuts down or displays ERROR 30, there may be a communication problem between the controller and display. How To Troubleshoot Wallke Electric Bike Error code 30 Problems? 1. Unplug the sensor connector and restart the...
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    Switch front and rear hand brake

    I will suggest my colleague to provide a detailed step-by-step explanation or video about switching the brake. Thank you for your great suggestions.