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    Full Battery Turns Off Once Connected to Bike

    I have a smart motion Pacer 17.5 ah 48v Dorado+ Reention battery original from Smart Motion. Was working great but I took off the battery to charge it for a long ride. It has four green led bars indicating full when I press power button on battery. When I connect the battery to the bike, the...
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    Smartmotion Pacer & Surface 604 Rook (Silicon Valley)

    Considering selling both a Medium frame Surface 604 Rook and a Smartmotion Pacer (with body float & 48ah battery). Wanted to post this to see if there is interest for used bikes like these in my area. Both bikes are really well maintained. Life changes and can't get to ride these as much as...
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    Outside storage - cover recommendation

    Thinking about getting the e-glide ST to compliment commute and carry it covered on a bike rack on my Jeep. Is it ok to store outside and is there any recommended bike covers to protect the bike from weather damage?