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    My RipCurrent controller display keeps resetting to default settings

    My odometer reset after about 2000 miles. But it didn’t reset the entire settoing, just the odometer started at 0.
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    Range on 52v 19.2Ah Juiced Bike Battery

    5 bars. 51v is anywhere between 55-50% juice left.
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    Range on 52v 19.2Ah Juiced Bike Battery

    Haven‘t posted in a while but I figure this might be helpful to some. I own a 2018 Rip Current S. Put in 49.9 miles on one full charge all on Eco through the streets of Los Angeles County, and the reading when I was done was 51volts.
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    What's your plan for a flat tire 10 miles from home?

    I had a rear flat 30 miles from home on a Juiced Rip Current fat tire bike (Rear hub, 70 lbs). I called a large Lyft and told the driver I needed enough space for the bike. Took the front wheel off, helped him load it to the back of his SUV, and gave a big tip.
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    What do you use for a Helmet? (Pictures Thread) I use a Kask. The visor is a must for me, which I pair up with sunglasses. I ride a Juiced RipCurrent S the speed and power, requires a visor.
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    Send us pics of your ebike... loaded with groceries!

    Weekly trip to Trader Joe’s.
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    Rip Current S

    Remain patient. Took me about a month before I got everything right for my bike but my patience paid off with $250 worth of gift cards that went to pay for a fast charger. The bike itself is so much fun. I’ve put over 600 miles all over Los Angeles County and was recently up in Marin visiting my...
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    What's it like to ride a fat bike?

    I own a fat bike, a Juiced RCS since January of this year and also live in SoCal. I’ve put about 600 miles and absolutely love it. I’ve ridden this bike all over Los Angeles County. I prefer riding on bike paths but in order to get there I need to ride the streets of L.A. When I refer to bike...
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    To "Juice" or not ?

    I purchased my RCS on Black Friday 2018, and experienced several issues. Some due to Juiced and on one occasion due to UPS. For example the wrong size bike, no fender, wrong size mounting brackets, etc. I’ve posted about them previously. In fact, I did not have my first ride until January 1...
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    The joy of running errands on an ebike

    Weekly Trader Joe’s run:
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    Thule Easyfold XT2 - A good rack for ebikes and the best one if you have fenders

    Purchased on Amazon for $165. Can carry 2 I just have it set up for 1, 60 lbs max per bike.
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    Show us pictures of where you ride your ebikes!

    The Los Angeles River.
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    Do You Remove the Battery when not riding?

    I removed the battery for the first time after riding 500+ miles only because I placed it in my car rack. No issues.
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    New CCX - Love it

    Here’s my Jones. It has a 2 1/2 inch rise and is swept back.
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    How many miles do you have on your ebike?

    500+ miles since January 1, 2019, and love every minute riding it.