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    SuperDelite battery covers

    Hi there @nunosanches I believe the Vertical refers to the type of Bosch Powertube used. The Bosch battery case is elliptical and is made in two versions so bike makers can fit them vertically or horizontally orientated inside their frame. Hope that helps. Mike
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    Spare POWERTUBE for Delite 2020: switching that rubber cover?!!!

    Really really helpful post @JVBulman. Thanks so much for taking the time. The confirmation photos are great. Exactly the part required. Hope you’ve helped lots of other R&M fans too... those covers will fit an increasing large number of R&M models 👍
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    Seatpost suspension on load 60?

    Hi Anders. Hope you’re enjoying your Load 60. I find the full suspension on my Load 60 very comfy and sure footed already. But I guess getting your contact points just right on a bike is very personal. Why not go super plush and double up with seatpost suspension too?!!! I was thinking that...
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    Riese and Müller front bag

    Hi there @Jjmrx. Welcome along! Great looking bike you got there. Think the Curry Matt is best R&M colour right now. Nice subtle set up with the bags and that hint of yellow on the fork bag. Sweet. Lets face it, it’s got to look right to properly enjoy the ride 😉. Really great spec too...
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    Alternative tyres for Superdelite - optimised for puncture resistance

    No idea about manipulating tensioner. Whole thing makes me nervous. Like you, hoping for a clear video of this action before having a go. I have Tannus Armour waiting to fit to a Load 60 and a Delite... both with that dreaded tensioner 😫 I really wish our saviour Chris Nolte would make a Propel...
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    Alternative tyres for Superdelite - optimised for puncture resistance

    I maybe seeing this all wrong but... he takes the rear wheel off a red Homage Rohloff with belt tensioner at 15.40 mins. The first wheel removal is a hard tail grey Charger Vario.
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    Alternative tyres for Superdelite - optimised for puncture resistance

    Here’s a link to that post... PS. Looks too easy... everyone on here seems to have major issues removing the wheel due to the belt...
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    Alternative tyres for Superdelite - optimised for puncture resistance

    @Squaxor @Jay Kay Check out the Tannus UK website. It has a tyre size selector which gives you the Tannus size required and also the recommended tube size 👌
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    2021 R&M Packster

    Functional and easy on the eye. Another ace by R&M to add to that “nearing perfection” 2021 Homage that @David Berry posted just now.
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    Riese Müller Charger3 with Nyon display

    Nyon2 is shown on R&M Nevo3 bike configuration page...
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    Powertube Covers

    Cheers Scott, for the close-up photos. From the detail you’ve shared, it looks like if it’s possible to remove those rivets, then the Transport Cover (without the bright alloy part) would fit over a none R&M Powertube. Up ‘til now I’ve been covering my additional bare Powertube with a Neoprene...
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    2023 SuperLight R&M: Fantasy thread

    Jay, I think, for many the belt is a massive draw to R&M. Plus the suspension. Completely agree with you. Innovation marches on and hopefully more belt + suspension bikes appear. The Tern GSD for 2021 launched this week... with a belt, Rohloff and full suspension! All it would take is a major...
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    2023 SuperLight R&M: Fantasy thread

    Already there! I completely agree. My brother’s 2020 Specialized Turbo Levo SL is an awesome bike. Compared to my 2020 Delite Rohloff GX: both full sus aluminium frames, tick. same Fox Float suspension, tick. similar energy capacity, 320Wh + 160Wh bottle cage extender = 480Wh usable... versus...
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    2023 SuperLight R&M: Fantasy thread

    Heft. Tank. Handful. SUV. I hear those words time and again in R&M conversations. Yeah, but. All those kilos translate into a comfortable, solid and assured ride: great! Great if your terrain is smooth asphalt, flat or rolling. Great if you’re relatively active, relatively not ancient...
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    Superdelite 2020 turning degrees

    Sorry to hear this issue caused an accident. Wonder how urgently R&M and your LBS will treat the issue now? Seems from your posts that you were riding and had an accident circa 2 weeks after raising issue with maker and retailer. Not a great look for either. Would have thought such a risk would...