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    ST2 - error code 210280 - Drive error.

    Hi Dave, I did a search for this error code in the stromer neatherlands forum. I found this thread where someone had the problem with an ST1x, which is pretty much the same as the ST2, but the motor has less output. Google should automatically translate for you, but here's the ST1x post: Have...
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    New Stromer ST5 LTD

    There's a thread about what's in the Stromer pipeline here. Chrome translates for me; is Chrome not translating for folks?
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    ST5 owners - Can you maintain 28mph for whole battery?

    Thanks for the thoughts. All the comments are really interesting and enlightening. In case some folks find my post abstract or unclear, I'd like to know if ST-5 owners find the assist remains consistent from 100% down to near 0% when riding in level 3 or S for the entire ride.
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    ST5 owners - Can you maintain 28mph for whole battery?

    Thanks so much Ravi. In your experience, what are the signs a rectangular ST2 battery needs to be replaced? And, do you have a rough idea how long they tend to last?
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    ST5 owners - Can you maintain 28mph for whole battery?

    That's really interesting, thanks for the insight. That's a great feature of the ST5 that it compensates for decreasing voltage with higher amperage. Does the ST2 also do this or only the ST5?
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    ST5 owners - Can you maintain 28mph for whole battery?

    That's a really good point. I got my bike with the 814 battery in June 2016, and we got an ST2 with 814 for my girlfriend June 2018. I just rode my bike with her battery from 100% to under 10%, and it was a very fun ride. Then I had some dinner and rode the same route my bike with my battery...
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    ST5 owners - Can you maintain 28mph for whole battery?

    Question for ST5 owners - can you maintain 28 mph for the whole battery? I have an ST2, and it's great, but I notice assist tapers as my 814 battery depletes from 100%. I tend to ride in level 3. It's very eager and fun for the first 5 or so miles, but that eagerness fades over time until I'm...
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    Stromer Service and/or advice needed.

    Hello Wendell! I feel your frustration. When I got my St-2 in 2016, the Stromer USA office had two people who were very responsive to phone and email. I contacted them several times, and they were great. Then maybe a year or so ago, Stromer "moved offices" and then these two people no longer...
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    It looks like it says ST2 on the fork. Does anyone know if they are calling this concept bike the ST2?
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    Stromer Omni C

    Ok, awesome to hear, thank you!! I've been weighing loss of ability to ride in the rain vs loss of all connectivity. Thanks!
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    Stromer Omni C

    Appreciate you mentioning this, OP. I recall reading a thread that someone upgraded to Omni C, got caught out in the rain, and then water got under the screen. Useful info for me as I occasionally get caught out in the rain on my 2016 ST-2 with old omni. Haven't had a problem with rain.
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    USA 2G networks shutting down - 2G Theft Recovery will no longer work

    I just received a most unpleasant email from Stromer. Stromer is shutting down 2G connectivity in the USA in one month. This means if my ST-2 is stolen, I can no longer locate it. Can I no longer view stats on the app? Engine temp? How about tuning assist level 2? I spent $7000 on an ST-2 in...
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    Headlight on st2

    Wow what an awesome writeup slayer1! You really know your stuff, thanks so much for laying it all out like you did. That's awesome that you figured it all out and got it working. I picked up a Specialized Flux Expert a few months ago for $250 usd, and it works great. It has reflectors inside so...
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    Stromer ST5 Recall - Stem may break

    (Link Removed - No Longer Exists) We have identified a possible manufacturing defect in the stem of a few Stromer ST5 which, as a precaution, makes it necessary to replace the stem at a specialist dealer. All Stromer ST5s produced before February 6, 2019, are affected (VIN nos...
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    Headlight on st2

    RIght, and I imagine the light being off-center, a little bit left or right, is also a bit less than ideal.