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    Operation Twirp Speed

    In Seattle and Portland they were destroying again. This time they are bashing Biden.
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    School me on RockyMountain FS EMTB and...

    (2) Rocky Mountain Instinct Powerplay 2021 - EMTB Forums Check this out on another forum. Most of the posts are from the UK. The bike should be similar except for the power?
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    Bikers going the wrong direction in bike lanes...

    part9.pdf ( This may help to determine what should be marked on the pavement. But not everyone follows the rules in marking or riding.
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    questions about battery replacement for considering first Ebike

    Nethers Batteries – Nobody Likes A Lazy Battery ( They said they could rebuild the battery for my Specialized Turbo Levo. It had failed but was covered by warranty. We will see the next time I need a battery.
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    Transporting a bike in the rain

    I think it may depend on the number of connections and the "quality" of the bike. My Turbo Levo is made to be covered with water and mud.
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    Turbo Levo May 2020 error codes and spontaneous motor shutoffs

    Dielectric grease is used on all of you car connections.
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    I need an EMTB Tire that lasts longer!

    . Vittoria Check out the Vittoria tires. They have a new line of tires for e-bikes. I use the Mezcal for my type of riding, pavement and trails, but no mud.
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    Trying to decide which TRIKE to get

    Electric Tricycles | Why don't you check this company out? They are in Croydon, PA. They also make the Liberty Trike which my handicapped wife rides.
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    RVer Cruiser or Folding eBike?

    The rack I use on my Jeep Rubicon is a Rocky Mounts Backstage. It swings out to the side so you can open the back of the Jeep. I have also used in on a full sized van so you could access the back of the van. I have carried two e-bikes on it with no problems. You will need a hitch extension to...
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    Transporting a bike in the rain

    The Trail of the Coeur d'Alenes in Idaho has really small parking lots. Some a large pickup with camper would have a hard time getting in and out. No motorhomes or trailers. If a lot is level a 4' x 6' trailer can sometime be unhitched and spun around. Too bad they don't come with some kind of a...
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    Transporting a bike in the rain

    We use a similar 4' x 6' Interstate trailer for my mountain bike and my wife's Liberty trike. The Turbo Levo barely fits due to its length and height. We barely notice the trailer is there behind our diesel Grand Cherokee. I once caught my wife passing two trucks at 85 mph on the two lane road...
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    eMTB Options For 2020-2021 Washington State has a league for youth. Mountain biking is very popular in our state. There is a team at our local schools. With the schools mostly closed, I still see the kids in groups riding the trails. Most are on full suspension bikes of name brands. I...
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    Turbo Levo May 2020 error codes and spontaneous motor shutoffs

    Use dielectric grease on the connections instead of contact spray.
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    What happens when your Ebike you ordered on the Internet breaks?

    My local Specialized bike shop is well trained in servicing Specialized e-bikes and sell all they can get.
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    Hello from Sacramento!

    Good looking urban bike. I left Sacramento in 1976 for the wilds of Eastern Washington. I did love growing up in Sacramento and the surrounding area.