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    Trike sale for Memorial Day
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    Brake Pads

    I buy the brand for my brakes (SRAM). Because I live in the mountains, the pads are shot at 500 miles. Would you not replace the tires or brakes on your car? I waited to replace tires once, my son hit a building going 5 mph on ice, never again. I equate things to the cost of a lunch out with my...
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    Flat Out Tire, Slime or the Dart System, Armor-Dilloz. What’s the best Tire Sealant?

    Most mountain bikers use Stan's especially is running tubeless. I has worked for me.
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    CDC now says the fully vaccinated can go unmasked!

    Not in Washington State. We will not move forward. Our governor wears a mask outdoors at all times.
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    eMTB Options For 2020-2021

    The riders that purchase this bike are not on this forum. I saw two carbon fiber kenevos in the last week. One one the trail, one on the rack.
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    Large rubber floor mat? This is what I use in my shop in front of the work bench. It's light and inexpensive.
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    Who here has used dog spray?

    Report this to animal control!!
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    Looking for an Ebike for girlfriend with CRPS and weak right leg

    The battery life has been good. She usually rides 12 to 15 miles before tiring. The battery has always brought her home without pedaling. The Liberty Trike folds but I a not sure it makes it easier to store. The Liberty also has reverse which has been very useful.
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    Looking for an Ebike for girlfriend with CRPS and weak right leg

    My wife has MS, her brain cannot communicate with her right leg. This affects her balance. She rides a Liberty Trike. It is narrow, but you can go into stores with it. It has a throttle and 750 watt motor. There is a pedal brake and front disc brake. As with any trike keep the speed down.
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    Stuff that came from UPS today...

    Keep us informed on the seat. I have been looking at SQ labs.
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    250W E-bike mid-drive motors hardly outperforms 250W hub motors

    You are here today, gone tomorrow. Good bye and ignored.
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    Replacing WTB Riddlers 27.5 / 2.4 Seeking Lighter Tubeless w/ Low Rolling Resistance & Maintaining Handling at Speed Look at these. I ride a Turbo Levo on all terrain and pavement, no mud. 600 miles with no problems and the price is reasonable. These tires are not mentioned on this forum but online reviews are good.
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    2021 : Our Rides in Words, Photos, Videos & Maps This is what I carry. It was legal to carry concealed in California when I checked 3 years ago. If you decide to buy, always check the expiration date.
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    Giant or Specialized

    Most riders change the seat, handlebars, grips, tires and pedals before finding the combination that works for them.
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    Suggestions for 200 mile maintenance?

    I have a full suspension e-mtb different brand. I have 1500 miles. I have replaced the brake pads twice and the chain once. Where I live there is little flat, it is up or down, that's why the brake pads. Since I ride casual on single track, dirt roads and pavement I have not serviced the...