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    Specialized Turbo Creo 28mph Electric Road Bike

    Got my wife the turbo creo sl expert in May as her secondary bike for gravel rides with me. 981km, 8 charges, 122km per charge. She rides at 25/25 Eco, 35/35 Sport, 70/70 Turbo. Longest ride has been 70km with ~1000m of vertical. Always lots of battery left. I love it for head winds. She goes in...
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    Turbo CREO Comp SL - XS (Updated pics)

    i also got one with right access and one with left access. that way access is from the right side for both cages because one is rotated 180 degrees from the other.
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    Turbo CREO Comp SL - XS (Updated pics)

    My wife has the size small. I had to put in side access cages in the creo to fit water bottles. A 21oz can fit in the down tube but need an 18oz or less for the seat tube.
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    Turbo CREO Comp SL - XS (Updated pics)

    My wife got the Expert SL, size small. Loving it for the same reasons you are. Swapped out the 28's for 38's was the only change. She never got to go out on the long fall gravel rides with me as there are too many hills and too many km's using her Diverge. Creo has been perfect.
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    Loving the Creo Expert SL I got for my wife

    I bought a Creo Expert SL for my wife. We tend to ride together 1-2x a week. We have about 25-30% difference in speed between us. I also ride >4k km's a season while she will be around 2k. So our rides together can be shorter than I like, too long for her, too slow for me, too fast for her. The...