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    How many miles do you have on your e-bike with a Brose motor?

    My sister and brother in law have Vado 3s but they're not on this forum. He has done over 10,000 miles and my sister is not far behind. They have had no major problems other than replacing consumables, tyres, break pads, chains etc.
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    How to reset the odometer back to 0.

    My brother in law has a Vado 3 and has reached 10,000 miles but he can't figure out how to reset the odometer back to zero. Specialized told him to take the battery out of the display and replace it but it still reads 9999. His bike has a TCD-W display.
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    Mission Control ON all the time.

    Thankyou so much. I can't believe it was that simple and more to the point, how I missed it in the first place. Even the dude at Specialized I emailed, didn't know about it.
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    Work Stand for Vado

    My DIY Vado stand
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    Como vs Vado- HELP!

    My wife has a 2019 Como and I have a 2020 Vado 3. The equipment spec seems identical on both, the only difference is the riding position. The Como is more upright and "arm chair" like. Where as the Vado riding position is more forward. I would choose the Como for a gentle potter around leafy...
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    2020 Turbo Vado 3.0

    Its hard to say, all depends on terrain, wind, what kind of ride I'm doing, a tootle with my lady, a ride for excercise giving it some or how lazy I'm feeling. I've always had plenty battery left after a 2 hour ride, assuming it was fully charged before leaving.
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    2020 Turbo Vado 3.0

    I'm in my late 60s, retired and own a 2020 Vado 3.0. Its my second one, a foc replacement for my previous faulty 2017 Vado 3. I absolutely love it, I dont go huge distances and tend to stick to dirt tracks and forest trails although its just as home on tarmac. As I usually only ride 1-2 hrs...
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    Mission Control ON all the time.

    Is it possible to prevent my Android phone from sleeping when Mission Control is opened? The only way I can achieve it at the moment is to change my screen sleep time from 5 mins to never, then change it back after my ride. I've tried a couple of apps which are supposed to achieve this but no...
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    I hate fenders...

    I've always had bikes with no mud guards / fenders, or if they did have them, I removed them. It made the bikes look sportier in my youthful eyes. Now I am several decades older, I realize how good the fenders/mud guards on my Vado are. In fact they are excellent at keeping both me and the...
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    Handelbar phone mount.

    Quick update. The Lamicall hadelbar phone holder arrived today and I'm very pleased with it . Its good points… It doesn't rely on a sticky pad to mount it. Its very well made. It wasn't expensive £13.59 Its very easy to mount/unmount. It holds my phone (and most others, I would assume)...
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    Handelbar phone mount.

    Thanks for all your recommendations/suggestions folks. After an awful lot of reserch I've ordered a Lamicall Bike Phone Holder - Universal. It appears to be well made and designed, fits handelbars or stem, fits most phones and most importantly, doesn't rely on double sided sticky tape to...
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    Handelbar phone mount.

    I think a stem bolt mounting would interfere/obscure the bikes display.
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    Handelbar phone mount.

    I'm looking to buy a handlebar mount for my phone, its a Huawei Mate 9 on my 2020 Vado 3. The one I'm contemplating is the Quad Lock but it relies on a sticky pad on the back of my phone case to provide a secure attatchment, which I'm not 100% happy about. Any recommendations would be greatly...
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    Raising the handlebar on a '19 Vado 3.0

    I changed the handelbars on my 2020 Vado with ones similar to the Como. They raise the height an inch or two but more importantly for me, they also rake back a few degrees too. I find the rake back a lot more comfortable for my old arthritic wrists. No problems getting the cables to reach either.
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    Loose Motor on Como 2.0 UPDATE: Cracked Frame (Vados too)

    Well, I've just had an email back from Specialized advising they will replace my bike with a 2020 Vado 3, FOC as a sign of goodwill. I was totally gobsmacked considering it was bought by me second hand and the warranty had expired. Good on Specialized, I say, what a fantastic result.