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    Hello from Toronto Ontario Canada

    Don't have anything to contribute, but as a fellow Torontonian, hi!
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    Took the plunge...getting a 2020 eProdigy Magic Pro

    I did it...I joined the world of ebikes and ordered a 2020 eProdigy Magic Pro! I plan to contribute in this forum as time will allow. This community has been so helpful throughout my decision process that I figured I would give back to help other prospective owners. There wasn't much info...
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    Hello from Toronto, ON

    Thanks Marci jo! I purchased this so I can commute to work. I used to ride all year in all weather, but the cold snow was beginning to wear me out. Figured an ebike would give me that extra boost of fun so I won't chicken out on bad weather days. I gotta say though, buying an ebike online was...
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    Belt drive class 3 bikes

    Just wanted to say that I ordered the new Magic Pro model yesterday from eProdigy. I plan to contribute as much as possible in the eProdigy forum. But thanks for posting the video. I probably wouldn't have purchased it if you hadn't posted it. I passed on the older version because it didn't...
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    Hello from Toronto, ON

    Just wanted to say hello. I've been lurking this site for some while, reading a ton of reviews (thanks), and contemplating purchasing my first ebike. Well, I finally did it! I just ordered a 2020 eProdigy Magic Pro and am expecting to receive it soon. I'll be posting as much as I can on the...