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    Water Bottle

    Thank you everyone for the alternative suggestions and the measurements. Like I mentioned, the original location of my water bottles was on my rack and it worked well there. After rack removal my preferred location is on the seat tube. The handlebar and seat post space is mostly taken...
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    Water Bottle

    Thanks for the suggestion. I will look into this but handle bar and seat post real estate is slim for me. I can barely mount my GoPro camera. Once I even tried to get fancy and mount a Niterider micro headlight under the stem of the handle bar. It looked really cool under there. Didn't take...
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    Water Bottle

    I have a 2018 SDURO Trekking 6.0 and am looking for a water bottle solution also. I had my water bottle cage mounted on the rack but I ended up never using the rack except to mount the water bottles. I finally removed the rack but now find that I can't mount the bottle in the desired location...
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    Garmin Announces Bike Alarm GPS Computers

    I am curious, what would stop a thief from stealing the Garmin device? I believe the 830 is almost 500 dollars. I have an 810 and I always remove it when parking my bike and it is very easy to remove. I do realize the alarm might trigger when removing. That said, thanks for the information...
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    Fitness trackers for electric bicycle

    You could also select E-bike and you will not be included in the segments. I apologize, I didn't see your first reply that you did have it on the E-bike setting so I had to go back and double check my results. I did a non E-bike ride today and the segments showed up. I then changed the...
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    Let's see your best pic of your electric bicycle

    I just have a generic water bottle holder. I saw a post from this forum on mounting them on the rack. I was going to mount one on each side but I transport my bike lying in the back of a pickup bed so the water bottle holder would have been in the way.
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    Let's see your best pic of your electric bicycle

    Red Rock Canyon Feb 2018
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    Found a bike servive stand that can handle a e-MTB for a reasonable price

    Is it possible to clamp at the seat post? If possible, how is the balance with the battery removed?
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    Brose motor failure

    I am new to ebikes. Will this be covered under warranty? Also, are we suppose too avoid washing an ebike with a water hose?