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    Lapierre Overvolt AM 70TH Carbon vs Specialized Turbo Levo FSR Expert

    I bought the Levo Expert this year and love the bike, so much so that I have ordered the new 2018 Carbon Expert which is due to arrive this month.My main reasoning behind choosing the Levo again is simply the customer service I have gotten from Specialized and my shop. I can't speak for the...
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    Let's see your best pic of your electric bicycle

    Out for a Sunday ride. Turbo levo Expert
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    Known Issues & Problems with Specialized Products + Help, Solutions & Fixes

    I have been lucky so far with my Dealer. First bike was replaced for clunk noise coming out of bottom bracket. Second, motor or harness failed after three months bike being replaced again and while the bike it being delivered my dealer gave me a brand new FSR base levo to ride off of the show...
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    Turbo Levo Issue

    Just a quick update, my Expert went another 100kms and hasn't worked since. I've returned it to the fantastic store I bought it from and they gave me the standard FSR off of the showroom floor to ride until mine is fixed. It's been about two weeks and should be back on the Expert this week.
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    Turbo Levo Issue

    I have an Expert has only 400 kms on it but I have had a couple of power outages one when I was powering smugly past a road cyclist (typical). I pedalled a couple of rotations and it came back on and away I went. The other times it seemed to be related to me backing off to shift as I'm scared to...
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    Turbo Levo Computer

    Hello everyone, I know the Garmin 820 and 1000 link to the turbo levo so you can change assist levels without reaching to the side of the frame but does anyone know what other cycling computers can hook up to the specialized rig? Thanks in advance
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    Turbo Levo Issues

    My mission control app would not recognize my bike either was doing a few strange things, it turned out to be my phone, 7plus... I restarted my phone and all was fine. Regards,
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    Picked up S-Works Turbo Levo FSR

    I'm over 220lbs and am running 18 front 20 rear. I use the app and have the eco on 35% Trail 65% Turbo 100% . Never ran the battery out yet but working on it... Oh and same battery as you I'm running the Expert.
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    Chainstay Damage (Turbo Levo)

    Sorry about the damage, I have seen some really excellent frame repairs thought won't even see it, good winter project.
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    Turbo Levo Tuning

    Hello I have upgraded my expert in fact it came with the upgrades installed from the factory. I had the 6fattie fsr for two weeks prior to my Expert arriving and it was on the old software. Yes you can easily notice the difference in power profiles between the updated and non updated bikes on...
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    Disable Turbo Levo display on downtube?

    Nobody has bothered me yet but I could see somebody who doesn't know what the bike is seeing the lights and saying it isn't allowed when I know the class 1 pedelects are allowed on local bike paths and trails. I think I'd like to be able to turn the lights off without loosing assist.
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    Another NYC Crackdown - 247 bikes seized in 24hrs

    Seriously nothing better to do?
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    Known Issues & Problems with Specialized Products + Help, Solutions & Fixes

    I had a similar issue with mine three days into ownership, Specialized got it put right working with my dealer. I noticed that it was more noticeable while the battery was full or within 15% of full charge. The good thing is your bought a Specialized their warranty and customer service is second...
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    Turbo Levo Vs Comp vs Expert vs S-works

    Hello, I had the entry level Turbo Levo FSR but it had a small issue with a clunk noise after a couple of days use. Specialized warranty was second to none and they fixed the issue. I upgraded to a new Expert Levo and have had it for a couple of weeks now. I love the bike and can't wait to get...
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    Picked up S-Works Turbo Levo FSR

    Congrats on tne S Works Levo it's a beautiful bike. I've got the Expert had it for two weeks so far not much riding yet still on the original charge... lol