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    EU RadRhino 2018 + Upgrades

    I lived in LA for 2 years and ran a Radrover which I loved but sold before I left due to shipping issues. I am now in Europe and am considering a Rhino. You mentioned in the post that you can adjust the top speed to 40kmh... I assume you do the same to revert it back to 25kmh? In LA it was not...
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    Rad rover swap for a radwagon in Los Angeles area

    I have a rad rover that i love but need to change to a cargo bike. Anyone interest out there to do a swap? Cash either way. Bought mine in January 2016. It is the 2015 model fitted with the 2016 forks. It is fitted with full length fenders, rear rack and smooth tyres although I do have the...
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    Fenders from Big O Mfg.

    Try I will see if i still have the invoice when i get home tonight.
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    Rad Power, how is it so in-expensive

    I use mine to commute 22 miles a day. I bought on a budget and am very pleased. Almost 700 miles in 3 months.... Components are perform well and have only had a couple of tweaks... Battery is still as strong as the day I bought it.
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    Road Tires for the RadRover

    See the following post.. I have them on my bike and are unmarked after 500 miles.
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    How many of you bought this bike sight unseen?

    I bought unseen. I am from the UK but am working in california for two years. I needed a bike urgently to help get me to work and back. The other major hurdle is that there are no shower facilities at my work that I could use so my road bike was never going to go down well with my work...
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    Help...Deciding on which dongle to buy..

    Chris, is this the end of the road for your radrover?
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    Battery charging

    Emailed RPB and they suggested I plug into the mains first before connecting... No spark now.
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    Is this copy or the same bike?

    I have a radrover too and agree the components look the same...
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    Is this copy or the same bike?

    I came across the following on Amazon... It its almost the same in every way.
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    Ibera PackRack Bag and IB-RA5

    Looking like you have gone for the same fender / rack combo as mine. I have a couple of transit laptop bags which I hang from it which also fit my human powered road bike when I use it for commuting. I have since gone for a smoother tyre which doesn't look as good under the fender but is way...
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    Battery charging

    I have recharged mine 8 times now and sparks every time with charger unplugged from the mains. My battery is never fully discharged when I do normally has had 2-3 bars still remaining after my commute for the day (23 miles round trip). I would run it down further but might wonder if I will get...
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    Maxxis Hookworms

    Christopher... First impression was... What have I done! I found them way to firm and could not get into any decent rythmn. Hard to believe but thought it harder to ride! Whether a coincidence or not I adjusted the wheel diameter to 24 and the bike performed as well as previous. May be I just...
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    Fenders from Big O Mfg.

    They supplied me a kit the other day. I had to drill off and modify the front arms to fit. Loving the look.
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    Maxxis Hookworms

    Thanks Chris... ordering them tonight! I need to lower the bike to alittle to protect the gonads! Officially start commuting on the rover tomorrow (25 mile round trip). Had a fab ride today keeping pace with all the roadies