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    Security system

    Believe me the security system works my bike was stolen several weeks ago and had it back in a few hours. Once Stromer puts your bike in theft mode the bike is a brick and they just dump it.
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    St1x tomorrow

    Welcome to the Stromer family I hope you love your bike as much as I love mine. I think it was the best decision I made was to purchase a Stromer. I bought mine in December of last year and I just went over 2500 mile yesterday. But like everyone else I had to pimp my ride and add a Kineckt Body...
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    Stolen Bike

    I had my Stromer stolen off the back of my Jeep 3 day ago, Had it secured to my Rockymounts hitch rack, With the supplied cable lock. I know cable locks are no good, but was parked at work in a high traffic area. Decided to take bike with me to work too save time and gas money. My work is about...
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    Newbie here in Southern Florida

    Wow great bike for the money. Hope you have many miles of enjoyment.
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    Hello from Kingston Ontario!

    I use Veloinsurance, the premiums seem OK.
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    Orbea Wild 20 and New to EBR!

    Wow good looking bike.
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    Hello From Colorado

    The photo was taken at Barr Lake. The lake is not that big. I love the ride around that lake, it is 8.8 mile trail that circles the lake passing by several wildlife viewing stations and the park's wildlife refuge. More than 350 species of birds have been spotted in the park. Numerous Bald Eagles...
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    Hello From Colorado

    It is a 350. I bought it from It is last years model for 199.00 saved 50.00 for buying last years model
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    Touch up paint for chips

    The Bike Shop where I bought my bike suggested I use finger nail polish.
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    Hello From Colorado

    Been reading the forums for many months and this past December bought me a Stromer ST1X. Before I decided on the Stromer I probably tried 30 different bikes over a month period. One day I was in a shop in Louisville Co. On that particular day I had my son with me and he suggested I try the...
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    Show us pictures of where you ride your ebikes!

    Was able to get out this last week and ride around Barr Lake in Brighton, Colorado.