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    For sale: $2200 New Pedego City Commuter 28" Classic

    We're selling a like-new 2020 Pedego City Commuter 28" Classic in black with the large 48V 15Ah48V 15Ah battery. (EBR review of 2015 model). Pedal assist with throttle - only has about 150 miles on it. Retails for $3,295.00, selling for $2200. Fully equipped with: - Built-in lights, fender, USB...
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    Hello from New York City!

    Hi everyone, glad to join this forum. I spent a lot of time on EBR while researching my first e-bike purchase. I'm now a happy owner of a Gazelle Medeo T9 which has been completely life changing for me. I wrote about it in this blog post and talked in length about how life changing it as been...